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TOP books vampire romance and gambling

We’ll always be fervent supporters of the vampire when it comes to picking between the many paranormal love partners possible. Consider the following facts: Garlic breath is absent from all kisses, and neck biting is a hot sex certainty.  If vampires could try online casino Canada real money games, they’d probably be sexier than they already are.  Also, date nights are perfect with these bloodsuckers as they know how to make good use of dusk. Vampires are perpetually young, wonderfully contemplative, and even sparkle, according to Stephenie Meyer. Would you decline a date with a moody, gleaming sexpot? We didn’t think so. 

Naturally, the world adores romances with blood-sucking gentlemen and ladies, and the 14 vampire romance books listed below are chock-full of them. The vampires in these books have a lot of bites, whether they’re fighting dangerous criminals or yielding to a scorching desire.


By Helen Hardt

Helen Hardt’s Blood Bond Saga is a kinky and emotional romantic twist on vampire history. It is around Erin Hamilton, a mortal, and Dante Gabriel, a vampire, and their passionate relationship that crosses time and planes of reality. Undefeated is the fifth installment in this epic narrative, and it follows Dante back to the jail where he spent ten years.

Dante is adamant about confronting his female prisoner, who has anointed herself as queen. Erin must have faith in Dante’s ability to stay safe on his voluntary return to Hell. However, as Dante manipulates his captor in an attempt to release those who remain under her control, he feels new, evil energies surge within him that he may not be able to control. If the queen poses any threat to Erin, Dante will be forced to use all of his new abilities, which will result in a war that can only end in bloodshed.

Hardt’s books have reached the top of the New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Undefeated will lure you in if you prefer high-stakes (no pun intended) vampire stories that are sensual and emotionally deep.

Dark Lover

By J.R. Ward

Dark Lover is the first installment in J.R. Ward’s bestselling Black Dagger Brotherhood series, which is set in a world where vampires are few and few between. Wrath stays as the only purebred vampire remaining, and he goes out to avenge his parents, who were slaughtered decades ago by vicious murders. When Wrath’s most devoted fighter’s life is cut short, leaving his half-vampire child orphaned, he chooses to take her under his wing and introduce her to a life of fantasy and desire.

Ward has released approximately 20 volumes in her sultry paranormal series since Dark Lover debuted in 2005. If Dark Lover has piqued your interest, there are a plethora of other Brotherhood-related publications to satisfy your need.

Blood Secret

By Sharon Page

Lady Drake is willing to go to any length to save her family, even if it means giving her flesh to the distant Duke of Greystone. The kind-hearted Duke of Greystone may be able to forgive and forget her brother’s gambling debt now that Lady Drake is his sexual plaything. But, no matter how much the duke weakens Lady Drake’s defenses, she must maintain her inherent talent to shapeshift into a fierce dragon hidden from him. And the deviant duke has his own hidden agenda. The duke, a vampire, and renowned dragon-killer, also suspects the Drake family of concealing the truth about his missing nephew. If he can acquire Lady Drake’s trust, he might be able to track down his nephew’s locations — and if he and Lady Drake have fun in the meanwhile, so be it.


By Robin McKinley

According to Neil Gaiman, this story is an urban fiction that centered on small-town chef Rae Seddon, fondly called “Sunshine,” and her contacts with a post-vampire apocalypse. She thinks the end is nigh when she is ambushed by vampires who then bind her to a wall–until sexy vampire Constantine comes to her rescue.

Sunshine is one of several beloved romantic fantasies by McKinley, including her famous Beauty and the Beast remake Beauty and Rose Daughter, which won the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award for Adult Literature.

Hearts at Stake

By Alyxandra Harvey

Dead After Dark is the first installment in an action-packed YA paranormal romance series that stars Solange Drake, the lone daughter of an aristocratic vampire family. Solange knows that on her 16th birthday, she, like her brothers before her, would begin the terrible change into an immortal vampire. She just wants to be a normal adolescent till then, spending time with her mortal closest friend Lucy. If only moody anti-vampire campaigner Kiernan Black would leave Solange alone, she might be able to forget about her impending metamorphosis for a while. All thoughts of normalcy are crushed when rival vampires kidnap Solange, and she’ll have to rely on Lucy, Kiernan, and her brothers if she wants to live long enough to die.


By Rebecca Zanetti

Dage Kayrs is a vampire king who has reigned for millennia. He’s unfathomably powerful, but for the first time in eons, he’s vulnerable now that he’s found his mate after hundreds of years of searching.

If anything bad happened to Emma, Dage couldn’t tolerate it. Emma trusts Dage right away, despite having always been secluded from her fellow humans due to her telepathic abilities. Their newfound romance, however, is jeopardized by a mystery disease that affects vampires’ partners. Dage risks losing Emma after a lifetime of searching when their romance has only just begun.


By V.K. Forrest

A strving, long-dead force stalks the streets of calm Delaware. For decades, the Kahill vampires have eked out a living in the coastal village of Clare Point. Liam is one of the few Kahills tasked with tracking down and killing criminals in order to bleed the clan dry.

However, murder has become a little too routine for Kahill recently. In pursuit of some R&R, he visits his favorite local haunt — where he meets stunning Mai, a stubborn woman in need of Kahill’s carnage skills.

Dark Prince

By Christine Feehan

Raven Whitney, a human telepath, encounters Carpathian Prince Mikhail Dubrinsky for the first time in her mind when she detects his dark thoughts are driving him towards a dangerous path. She goes out to the not-quite-vampire with an aim to boost his self-esteem, and she ignites a life-altering romance that none of them expected. Even though Mikhail can be too clingy and Raven can make some poor decisions, their love manages to steal our emotions.

By the way, if you fancy this novel, there are 30 more sets in the Carpathian world (yeah, you read it correctly).

His Mortal Soul

By a.c. Mason

Irish-Catholic Kieran is so committed to his beliefs that he has considered becoming a priest. However, his noble intentions were shattered when he was turned into a vampire just weeks before being ordained.

Kieran is now consumed by impulses he doesn’t even recognize, such as his yearning for Sephora, an American student who provides him calm and contentment he hasn’t had since he was mortal. Sephora finds solace in Kiernan’s arms after a horrible attack that changed her life.

Is there, however, a future for this vampire-human couple that does not include Sephora’s harm?

A Hunger Like No Other

By Kresley Cole

Lachlain MacRieve, the Lykae Clan’s renowned werewolf warrior, has been waiting for his partner for generations. You can relate to his disappointment when he learns that the immortal life partner he’s been promised is a vampire, one of his sworn enemies. Emmaline, who is part Valkyrie and half-vampire, is on a quest to find out what happened to her parents. Her journey, however, is cut short once she is kidnapped by Lachlain and held captive on his remote Scottish home. Lykae is feared by Emmaline, while Lachlain only knows how to despise vampires. Within Lachlain’s sanctuary, though, the two challenge their expectations of each other and give way to desires they’d never dared to express before.

A Terrible Beauty

By Nancy Baker

The awe-inspiring Canadian environment is the setting for this super-dark erotic romance. The ‘beast’ is Sidonie, a powerful, mysterious monster with a passion for blood, and the ‘beauty is an artist named Matthew on a journey to clear his father’s guilt in this rough rendition of Beauty and the Beast. Sidonie and Matthew begin a slow-burning, sophisticated dance of romance that is as exciting as it is taboo against the backdrop of the isolated and gorgeous landscape.

Tempting Raven

By Jessica Sorensen

Raven, an 18-year-old vampire, wants her life to be her own, but Fate has other ideas. Raven is shocked to learn that the king she must govern alongside is her sworn nemesis, Rhyland Midnitegale, after she is chosen as the new vampire queen. Raven’s life as queen is no longer her own: she is bound by ancient traditions and magical restrictions in order to preserve herself and the country. Raven and Rhyland will have to reluctantly work together to preserve themselves and the immortals they’ve been tasked with leading when they find Raven may be ensnared by a curse that not even a vampire royalty is prepared to deal with. If you bet on this book at a casino, and use, you might hit the jackpot.

Certain Dark Things

By Silvia Moreno Garcia

Domingo is a young man trying to make it in Mexico City’s streets. Here, Atl is a gorgeous and dazzling vampire who is escaping a dangerous pack of her own kind. She is a descendent of Aztec blood-drinkers.

Atl has to get out of town, and the young, bloodthirsty Domingo is the key to his success. On the other hand, Atl had not anticipated falling for her prey — or the police officers eager to obstruct her road to freedom.

Midnight Sun

By Stephenie Meyer

You’re not alone if your vampire addiction started with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight. Meyer’s young adult series introduced a generation of readers to the allure of blood-sucking boyfriends, and the eternal love between Bella and Edward returns in August 2020 with Midnight Sun.

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