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Top 7 Valorant Tips And Tricks Every Player Must Know

Valorant is one of the most popular FPS battle royale games. There would hardly be anyone who can make an argument against that. And in case anyone wants to try, they can look at the downloads count for this game for their counter-argument. But another fact this is true for Valorant games is that the going could be highly challenging to beginner players of the game.

In case you are a beginner, it is extremely likely that you might already have experienced how stressful it is to survive for more than a minute. Solution? Follow the below-mentioned Undetected Valorant hacks and tips and achieve unmatched success in the game.

1. Get familiar with the map

The first tip will not only help you with Valorant but also with other FPS games as well. Being familiar with the map and the surroundings can infinitely help one improve their chances of success in the game. When it comes to Valorant, you have four different maps that you have to learn by heart. Remember the vantage and choke points to have the upper hand even against a skilled opponent.

2. Be careful with how you spend your in-game funds

Being an idiot is the easiest way for you to get kicked out of the game in the first minute. And one of the stupidest things to do is not be careful with the in-game cash. At the beginning of the match, you would have a limited amount of money on you, So you need to strategize and find the balance between weapons, abilities, and armor. Once you have done that, you will play better than 99 percent of the newbies.

3. Always keep the crosshair high

Many players make the common mistake of keeping the crosshair down, which is not a great thing to do. In case you are guilty of doing this on more than one occasion, then this tip is definitely for you. Even veteran players are guilty of this, so there is nothing to be ashamed about. But you will significantly improve your chances of victory if you keep the crosshair in front of you. It will allow you to take the first shot in a firefight, and your chances of getting that headshot will also be higher.

4. No point in running away

If you are in a fight and unsure where the shots are coming from, running in all directions will not help you much. Yes, it would go against all the instructs screaming at you, but what you need to do is stay calm and take cover at a nearby position. It would allow you to observe your surroundings and look for your enemies. By sticking at one position, you can actually be using more of your brain to locate the enemy players, which is undoubtedly what you need to do.

5. Learn abilities

One of the biggest reasons why many pro players are so successful in this game is that they have been able to utilize their characters’ abilities to the fullest. Every Valorant character comes with a set of unique abilities that can be highly beneficial, especially in a close fight. It is something you need to do as well if you want to succeed in the game.

Additionally, you can also play with every available character in the game so that you would be better prepared when you face them in the future.

6. Be smart with your spike

If you are with the spike, you need to be extra careful regarding when you plant them. Do it too early, and the enemy players will quickly surround your location. Wait for it for too long, and the round would be over before the spike goes off.

You need to find the correct time to plant the spike and also a position that your team can easily defend. Do not go for a location that is open from all sides.

7. Communicate with your team

Are you a solo player or someone who likes to play as a lone ranger? Then, Valorant is not a game for you. Communication is vital to success in Valorant. It is something that cannot be emphasized enough, especially in a game where teamwork is crucial. So, use the mic feature that is available to you and communicate with your teammates.

If you want to try your luck at Valorant, you must include all the tips and tricks mentioned above in your gaming strategy. Now, learn these tricks and improve your gameplay. 

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