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Top 5 Problems with FIFA: Donation, Useless Cards, Gameplay and More

Electronic Arts’ soccer sim has been a leader in the sports video game market for many years. However, this does not mean that FIFA is perfect—the series from year to year carefully endures many flaws, which each time become the object of criticism of experts and ordinary gamers.

Donate Value

The developers—similarly to the online casino PA—have always supported those who invest real money in the game. But the economic system of FIFA 21 and past is too much like a pay-to-win system. 

Already on the second day after the premiere, there will definitely be a rival with a roster of world stars. It is almost impossible to beat this one without additional investments.

EA policy implies that the economy will remain unchanged in FIFA 22. While some will spend hours farming points for packs and playing with rented stars, others will knock out the world team in the first hour. 

However, the money invested in this case does not mean more than the luck of the individual player.

Useless Cards

Another reason the Ultimate Team economy can be considered a big problem. When you open packs on a regular basis, Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo no longer look like an imba that will drag your team. On the contrary, it’s hard to imagine a strong roster without world stars when you’ve been playing FIFA for over a month.

This means that almost all silver cards are immediately exchanged, not to mention the less popular players. It is clear that everyone wants to play for the stars—but if you remove from FIFA 21 footballers “Sassuolo” or “Levante”, no one will even notice!

Handicap and Scripts

The gameplay promises no less trouble than the choice of the squad. 

For several years in a row, gamers have been complaining about the same situations that occur in the game. FIFA often gives an advantage to the one who loses: ball bounces, successful dribbles and shots… as if everything is on its side!

Such moments should give the match additional intrigue. The tension until the last minute, the ability to win even in depressing circumstances, and so on—is probably cool, but strong players are only annoyed. 

What is just the kick-off meeting: the ability to score the ball right after you conceded. Sometimes this exchange of goals occurs several times in a row.

Gameplay Flaws

Football is a wonderful game that can and should be made interesting. In the course of a match or a single moment, anything can happen, and with this the green field attracts the eyes of millions of people. 

Alas, EA’s virtual soccer is so far away, especially against the backdrop of Konami’s PES (now eFootball).

In the mid-2010s, every FIFA match was a bit like the last. The same hits, saves, combinations and feints—the game seemed to be moving on rails. 

After a month of constant play, it becomes too boring, although when watching football or in Pro Evolution Soccer, this feeling does not arise.

Console Containment

In the US or UK, gamers mostly use consoles. EA’s focus on the Western market is understandable and even obvious—athletes traditionally feel better on PlayStation or Xox. But one would really like the developers not to forget about the computer version.

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