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Top 5 Hexeum Animated Starting Soon Screens

An animated starting screen is the first thing that viewers see when a stream goes live. If you are looking to get your hands on one of these animated screens, we have compiled a top 5 list of Hexeum’s starting screens.

If you are unsure exactly what a starting screen is, we will also cover that in this post. This post explains exactly what these screens are and why you need them as a streamer.

What Are Animated Starting Screens ?

Animated starting soon screens are a great way of getting as many viewers into your stream before you start streaming. If you were to start streaming straight away without a starting phase, many viewers may miss a portion of your stream.

In addition to this, by using a graphic to communicate to the audience what’s happening, any new viewers that join will understand exactly what is happening.

As a streamer one of your goals should be to increase the production quality of your stream. Starting soon screens are the perfect way to do this. One important thing to keep in mind when selecting a starting soon screen, is how the screen fits in with your existing branding.

How To Choose A Screen Style ?

It’s always a good idea to think about the kind of screen style you want. Unless you have existing branding it’s best to look into complete animated stream packages. The reason for this is to get a consistent theme across all graphical elements.

As previously mentioned that a starting screen is a great way to up the production value of a stream. However if the screen doesn’t match the current style of your branding then the opposite may happen.

If you have existing overlays and just need to add a starting screen then choosing the correct style is worth consideration. For starters, colours should be as close as possible to your existing branding and overlays. It’s a similar story with the style of screen, where a fantasy style screen would be a mismatch if your existing overlays are modern and sleek.

How To Use Starting Soon Screens?

Once you’ve chosen a screen, all that’s left to do is get it showing up on stream. This is done using streamer software such as OBS, Streamlabs or Streamelements. The exact setup process varies from software to software, however there are a plethora of tutorials available on the sites such as YouTube.

1. Grime

2. Blossom

3. Mallow

4. Neon City

5. Stellar

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