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Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors DLC

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands Coiled Captors

In Gearbox’s most recent reveal, they teased Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands downloadable content: Coiled Captors! Set to drop on April 21, this stands as the first of many future upcoming DLC for the game. This specific installment is one of four included in the season pass. The DLC starts players off in a new area called Dreamville Overlook. In this map, Vesper awaits, eager to bring the players on another adventure.

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The new DLC provides boss fights that increase in difficulty. This allows players to test their gear and skill, as the boss grows stronger with time. In addition, there’s new loot in the form of cosmetics and weapons. Not much information revealed regarding the specific loot, but it’s sure to provide more experimental fun. The boss’s name in the DLC is Chums. And every time players defeat Chums, they gain a currency called Lost Souls. This allows players to spin the wheel of fate, which grant incredibly rare loot.

It seems Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors DLC creates a loop for players to grind bosses. Rather than creating a once playable story, with a repeatable boss at the end, this DLC takes a slightly different approach. It is speculated from given information that the DLC plays as a dungeon, rather than a story centered installment.

In Conclusion

This DLC stands as great end game content. Bosses increase in difficulty. On the website, it states players who die against the boss get sent back to the beginning of the dungeon. Therefore, make sure to prep accordingly. Releasing on April 21, the Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors DLC will likely cost around $14.99 (based on previous Borderlands 3 DLC pricing). A little pricey, but purchasing it in the Season Pass drastically saves cost per individual DLC. This, of course, assumes players want all four DLC packs included.

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