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Three Fun Online Games to Pass the Time

More and more people are looking to online gaming as a way to pass the time or as something to invest themselves into. This can include something as simple as card games all the way to different esports. When sports aren’t on then online games are a great go to in order to have some fun. There are three games that are not only classics but have a wide variety of appeals to many different groups of people. They are Poker, Slots and League of Legends. Two are more known games while League of Legends is more of a gamer’s game. See why these three could appeal to many different people.


Poker is one of the most popular games in the world. It not only requires strategy but also the ability to know odds and read people, along with plenty of luck. All of this has combined to make it not only a fun game but also one that can bring in a lot of money. Because of this people have dedicated their lives to it. They play regularly in tournaments and win big prize pools.

But for people who are more casual, this is a great game to pick up as well. Being able to flex one’s brain muscles can not only keep them active but also entertained. People can spend hours trying to figure out the odds and how to best play their hands and their opponents. It is a fantastic game and one that people can play against anyone around the world online or even with their family wherever they gather.


One of the best games to play when looking for something new, slot offers a lot of fun and excitement. This normally comes from the myriad of different themes for slots. People who love history can look for old western slots, ancient Chinese or even Roman Legion themed ones. This all allows for people who have different preferences or can even be just what is calling to them in terms of luck. Either way, they provide so much fun and one can try them here.

As a reminder, all slots normally have some different mechanics. They may be ones that only win if everything lines up in the middle of the screen. Others may allow for wins if there are certain combinations. This brings some more entertainment and excitement as there can be numerous ways to pull out big wins. That said, most slots have the basics of trying to match certain symbols or numbers. For new players, it is important to understand what each combination looks like so they can identify how they won and what their payout might be.

Lastly, slots are just fun. The rapid pace of play is like no other gambling game. It can definitely spike their adrenaline when they are winning. Losing not so much, so understanding one’s style of play is important. They can either try to strike big quickly or try to play the slow game and try winning over time. This leads to some people pushing their luck and others being a bit more cautious in their play. Whatever style one picks, slots are a good game to pass the time and try their luck at winning big.

League of Legends

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Admittedly, this is not a game for everyone. That said, it is free and one can spend thousands of hours playing it. League of Legends is a skill-based MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Teams of five are pitted against each other with the objective to destroy towers, slay dragons and take out the enemy base or Nexus. There are over 150 champions that people can learn when they play League of Legends online against their friends or people around the globe.

This game is definitely something that can casually be played with friends but it is also something that is highly competitive. Because of that it is the only game on this list that people can play in leagues. While Poker can also be played competitively, it does not have an online league structure like League of Legends. If players climb the ranked they can get paid well in weekly tournaments, professionally or even earn college scholarships. This is a game worth watching out for.

Online Gaming

Online gaming is sweeping the world right now. With the internet available basically, anywhere, people can play any of these three incredibly popular games right now. Make sure to keep an eye and when bored or feeling adventurous to try something new, hit up either of these games.

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