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The Most Popular Casino Games Among Kiwis

New Zealand is one of the most popular destinations in the Oceania continent. The important reasons to make this country more attractive are its dynamic culture and natural beauty. In Aotearoa, rugby is a national pastime making this country internationally recognized. Moreover, New Zealand has, recently, adopted a new pastime called gambling after the legalization of the gambling sector in this nation.

In fact, this sphere is governed by the Gambling Act of 2003 that has the main purpose to promote a safe and responsible gambling environment. The Kiwis can, thus, entertain with the wide range of local online casino games at real New Zealand brands available at CasinoDeps. Nonetheless, remote interactive gambling is prohibited in this country but the players are legally permitted to gamble at online casinos based overseas. Since New Zealanders are allowed to register at foreign gambling sites, here are the real casino games that they appreciate so much.

Slot Machines

When the gamblers have sometimes different views regarding the best online casinos, they certainly agree that a slot is the king of the casino games. This most-liked game has gained great popularity among gamblers around the world. As the slots are considered to be simple but can be very lucrative, it is not surprising that the Kiwis have appreciated these games. Today, since these games can be played in the internet casinos; several types of them are available.

Some gamblers prefer to entertain with the classic versions whereas others enjoy trying their luck with the jackpot titles. As a matter of fact, the most recognized versions include Classic slots, Progressive slots, Multi-payline slots, and many others. As slots have also been affected by the technology revolution, these games have become more appealing making them the Kiwis favourite games.


When it comes to card games, blackjack is the most appreciated variant. Known as 21, this game of skill comes with the best odds of winning meaning more chances to earn huge payouts. In the top online casinos, blackjack aficionados are able to have fun in a luxurious and exciting environment. To win in this game, the players have to get a hand closer or equal to 21 before the dealer.

Unlike the land-based blackjack game, there are dozens of online blackjack variations. Since the game has the most diverse variants, the New Zealanders have an opportunity to play in different ways making it a center of interest for several gamblers. What’s more, the live dealer casinos become incredibly popular enabling the fans to appreciate the real casino environment without moving their comfort. Live dealer blackjack is specifically designed for those who want to experience the thrill and excitement.


As stated by the Gambling Act of 2003, playing poker is completely legal in Aotearoa. According to the story, poker has entertained the Kiwis since the Age of the Steamboats, making this game one of the most iconic casino card games there. Several poker variations can be played in the web-based casinos but the most seductive are Texas Hold’Em, Draw poker, and Stud poker. Furthermore, this social game has also become a phenomenon since the appearance of numerous tournaments across the globe.

The New Zealanders are evidently listed among the participants and mind that, this nation has several best poker players in the world. For example, both amateur and professional poker players have already heard about the most famous poker players like Lee Nelson, Neil Mcfayden, Tae Hoon Han, the brother and sister Honglin Jiang and Sosia Jiang, and others.


Online bingo sites have always been attractive among NZ-based players. Bingo and New Zealand are linked and it is impossible for the local casinos to not include this game in their portfolio. This game of chance, actually, appeared in the mid-1500s and has continued to spread throughout the world. Due to this game’s popularity and technology development, the developers have launched innovative bingo games packed with outstanding features and themes.

Online bingo is both lucrative and exciting because not only does it provide the complete experience of the hall without moving but it also offers the biggest wins. As these online versions meet and exceed the players’ expectations, this social game is changing its face and has become ubiquitous in New Zealand online casinos. Despite the reputation of the Rebel Bingo and Slingo variants, the classic version has remained appealing.

Scratch Cards

Scratch cards remain popular since they offer life-changing sums to the players. The origin of these game tickets was in 1974 when the American company Scientific Games Corporation produced the first lottery game that was generated by the computer. As for the online versions, they have existed since 2010 and these virtual scratch cards use Macromedia Flash and Java to simulate scratching a card on a computer. Dissimilar to other casino games, scratch cards had not been included in the casino category but with the internet rise, the games were introduced in the casino websites.

The main reason that pushes people to try their luck with the scratch cards is their simple gameplay. The modern scratch cards are usually fused with spectacular themes including interesting stories, games, famous movies, and more. With the excitement that this game can provide, the fans rush to place their bet in the hope to trigger large amounts of money.


Existed since the 17th century, roulette is one of the oldest casino games but is still unforgettable today. This sociable casino game is tightly a game of chance in which the gamblers count on their luck to beat the table. Although several strategies were introduced to win at roulette, the vast majority of gamblers consistently lose. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that these players cannot limit and control their expenses or boost their chance of winning by following simple tips.

The rule of this Kiwis Favourite game is simple; they will be taken to the wheel with numbers 0 to 36 and a table where they can place the bet. All they just do is to guess the number that the ball will land and if the result is positive, they win. Since roulette is one of the top premium table games, it is unsurprisingly recognized amongst Kiwis players. It is worth mentioning that thanks to the technologies’ advances Live Roulette and Virtual Reality Roulette or VR Roulette are the trends in online roulette meaning more thrills and enjoyment.

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