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The G2 Fall Guys Costume Is Available Now

G2 Esports Fall Guys Costume

After so many organizations fought over it, the winner of the Fall Guys costume prize ended up being a combination of G2, Ninja, Aim Lab and MrBeast. They ended up doing a donation of $1,000,000 to Special Effect, a charity that helps physically disabled gamers play their favorite games. Now the G2 Samurai Fall Guys Costume is available.

Not only does this costume look great, but people are already getting their crowns with it.

Fall Guys took the world by storm during the middle of the summer. It is a simple party game smashed in a battle-royale setting. The last one alive wins. The game was and still is popular especially during this bidding war for the in-game skin. It also helped that TimTheTatman was struggling for so long to get his first win.

This game quickly followed other indie games like Hades and AmongUs to become something of a cultural game to play. People jumped on as their favorite streamers worked their way towards earning their crowns.

Fall Guys seeming hit at the perfect time as well. Because of COVID-19 video games has been a great outlet for people to spend their time while at home. Games like Fall Guys not only allowed them to play with their friends but because of the party-style battle royale combo, the replayability has been endless. The concept was truly genius.

Now that the G2 Fall Guys Costume is out, it will be interesting to see if the developers of the game allow for something like this again for charity in the future. Or, they could simply do it to make some profit of their own. Either way, integrating more skins/costumes in the game is normally a great way to keep the game profitable and relevant as they continue into 2021.

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