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The Decline of Call of Duty

If there is one game that the majority of the gaming community will have heard of, it is Call of Duty. This is simply a mega-franchise within gaming, and ever since 2007, the series has enjoyed unparalleled success. Or it had until recent years; most gamers would agree that the series is now a shadow of its former self and many gamers are beginning to abandon the popular FPS in favour of other games who simply do the genre better. With games such as Overwatch, Valorant and Halo Infinite ready and waiting to accept new players, it isn’t a surprise why Call of Duty is currently amid a decline. 

Of course, the decline of Call of Duty isn’t representative of the entire industry, which has conversely experienced incredible growth. The whole world now enjoys gaming, and there is no doubt it has become a phenomenon. This is similar to gambling, which has enjoyed a comparable level of success and worldwide popularisation. The activity is popular in many places in the world such as the US and Canada, and those looking for list of the best betting sites in Ontario can visit here to access great gambling experiences.

Many would agree that Call of Duty used to be simply an excellent series. In 2007, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was released, and the FPS genre was forever changed. The Call of Duty formula became an instant hit with gamers thanks to the satisfying gunplay, excellent map design and of course, killstreaks. This was alongside excellent campaigns, and the next five years would launch narratives that are remembered even today. Call of Duty is traditionally an annual game but somewhere along the way, the series began to lose that spark that kept people playing game after game.

There are many problems now facing the series, though for one issue, gamers might have themselves to blame. The Call of Duty fanbase has been shown to be incredibly divisive, and there has always been calls for developers to both change the formula – which they have done – and to keep it more in lining with the traditional Call of Duty style, which they have also done. The result is that there will always be a vocal side of the fanbase that is not happy with the current installment, despite the efforts of the Call of Duty developers.

This is one way in which Call of Duty has declined, but there are many more issues plaguing the game. For example, while skill-based matchmaking has always been present in competitive games to some degree, there is no doubt that in recent Call of Duties, this has been turned up to eleven. This means that veteran players can no longer casually enjoy the game, as every match they are placed into will be players of the exact same skill. This means that gameplay is always competitive, and it has become increasingly difficult to just hop into a quick match for fun.

Of course, there are other issues related to the series, such as the multiple sexual harassment claims that Call of Duty publishers Activison has received. On the bright side, Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision can only be a good thing, and gamers are hoping that under Xbox’s direction, Call of Duty can return to the excellent series it once was.

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