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The 6 Best Smartphone Activities

With the inevitable rise of smartphones, the world has changed in unprecedented ways. Forget about having to own a specific device for a simple functionality like listening to music, taking photos or playing casino games. Smartphones can do all of that without missing a beat, all through the simplicity of their trusty touchscreens.

Red on below, as we have a look at 6 incredible things that you can do on your smartphone.

Universal Remote App

Practicality is key and we all hate having to juggle through our collection of remote controls to activate our favourite devices. That’s where a Universal Remote App comes in. With one touch of smartphone, you can access a variety of digital remote controls on your phone to manage all of your home’s requirements.

Measure using your phone

Speaking of practicality, have you ever found yourself in need of a measuring tape and couldn’t find it anywhere? Luckily, Measuring Apps are here to make your life easier. Through your phone’s crafty set of features you can measure ay given parameters with ease and efficiency. Its amazingly accurate and will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

Play Games

Smartphones have managed the unprecedented and changed the mobile gaming forever. These powerful mobile devices are capable of creating console quality graphics and offer fun experiences on the go to keep you busy when the boredom kicks in. Time to throw away that dusty, old GameBoy and crush some candy!

Seamless browser accessibility across devices

The ideal tech world would have all of our devices working in perfect synchronicity to share our favourite tabs, bookmarks and history. You’ll be happy to hear that both Safari and Chrome browsers offer this sweet functionality. All of your devices can synchronise with your personal account to make sure that all of your data is up-to-date and ready to be accessed at your will.

Invest in Companies

If you’re ready to invest your capital with some neat shares, your phone can help too! There are plenty of brilliant investment apps that will help guide you through the scary investment world and help you bag the right stocks to make some sweet profits. Apps like eToro go a step further and allow you to follow world-renowned investors as they navigate the stock world, so you can take note and follow suite.

Fintech Apps

Banking and technology seem to be a match made in heaven. The wave of Fintech apps that have stormed mobile devices have allowed users to easily and speedily take care of all their banking necessities. No need to wait in long queues or log into pesky online banking websites, you can manage all of your financial needs on your favourite mobile device.

The Smartphone Age

Although you’ll surely find a number of irrelevant apps that take up a bunch of unnecessary space on your phone to offer little more than gimmicky tricks, but there’s also a whole world of brilliant apps that will brighten your day. These functional applications will help you make the most out of your day, simplifying tough tasks and offering some space to unwind and relax. No matter what your needs might be, there’s probably an app out there that can take care of it or help you out in some shape or form. Some might argue that the smartphone age has brought its fair share of problems, but the existence of the activities mentioned above is proof that these mobile devices have also managed to change our lives in positive ways.

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