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Sony VR: Endless Possibilities

Play Station 5 came out November 12, 2020, and with its performances like 825GB internal storage and 8x Zen cores and 448 GB/s bandwidth, this is a powerful console. Moreover, developers of the PS console are collaborating with the UploadVR about adding a VR set to the Play Station 5 gaming console. 

Play Station VR Set

The new VR set will have 4000×2040 pixels resolution that is much higher than the previous Play Station VR set with 1920×1080 pixels. Information says that the new headset will have a gaze tracking option to detect a user’s appearance. Objects that the user is paying attention to will render in great detail. The new VR headset will have integrated haptic technology feedback that is a technology that results similar to Dual Sense. Adding the possibility of the touch to the VR will make the gaming experience even more immersive. Touch sensation will trick the player’s brain into feeling like he is walking on the wind or something similar.

Gaming Experience 

With a new VR headset with haptics and gaze tracking, playing games feel more real than ever. Imagine playing GTA V, from helicopter rides to the action moments. In that case, users will be able to focus on enemies, and see them in higher definition with gaze option, and spot every little detail on them. Poker face is something that users will notice on opponents while playing Roulette Live in the online game version. They will be able to go to the Diamond casino and play wheel of fortune or one of the numerous slot machines and feel the buttons of slot machines under their fingers. On the Blackjack table with a VR headset, gamers will feel like they are at the actual table because of the high resolution and haptics, will feel every movement.

Technological Improvement

Play Station 5 VR set will have one another improvement in terms of technical settings. New Play Station VR set will have only one cord that will connect the console with the headset through a USB Type-C port. In addition to that, controllers of the headset will not have any cables. Instead, they will get connected to the console via a camera built into the console unit. So if users turn away from the TV, they will not use a connection, and there will be no tangled cables. This built-in camera is also an addition to the more compact usage, and users will no longer need an additional piece of hardware in terms of the Play Station camera.

VR headsets are holding high prices. Through some time, they will be lower, but VR is an expensive piece of equipment for now. If we look at it in terms of the technical possibilities of the headset, it is reasonable. With PS 5 improvements, this will be an addition that will make a difference. Compared to the Play Station 4 and VR headset available for the console, a new console and VR set will make a difference. When we accept this new technology as a standard, it will be more affordable, and something new will came up.

If you are looking for a fun, quality console, try the new Play Station 5 with a new and improved VR headset for hours of fun.

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