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Safe transfer of money to my gambling account

There are ways of doing internet payments as safe as they can get. Casinos has a great need of making a lot of safe financial transactions and therefore they often offer different safe ways to make payments for their customers. What makes e-wallets and other fintech methods safer?

There are a Swedish company that is growing fast in the fintech segment for methods of payments worldwide, Trustly. In countries like The Netherlands there is even a category for those casinos: beste casino´s met Trustly, the best casinos with Trustly. That shows how popular and well known this method is, famous for being safe.

Why not pay with credit card on the internet?

Most of the time it is safe to transfer money using your credit card directly on the website. But hackers are good at getting your card information when you use it online and they might use this information later. Worst of all – you don’t have a clue when this is happening to you. Therefore, most sites that you purchase from offer alternative ways of paying.

Dutch up-coming fintech

In The Netherlands you will find an upcoming payment method called Ideal. For example, a lot of casinos use this method, you can read more at speel met ideal landning. We believe more casinos and other services around the globe will use this method in the future. So it might be a good idea to get accustomed to the service and logo to know what it means when it shows up a shop or casino that you like to use.

What makes these methods of payment so much safer?

When using services like Trustly or Ideal your own account details is safe with you. You never need to give away any delicate details, your bank credentials is used and you confirm the purchase or transfer via preferred authentication method. This way the hackers and others that wants your card details for illegal use can´t get them because they never left your bank.

Also determines that the site is safe

If a site offers other methods of payment than credit card it can also help you determine if that specific webshop or casino is safe to use. The companies that deliver these payment methods checks their clients before allowing them to offer customers their product. They also keep track of them and if there are complaints coming in they cut the collaboration. They want to keep their brand and reputation safe.

No insurances

When using your credit card for paying for holidays and travel mainly the card issuer, normally VISA or Mastercard, also issues an insurance. None of the other methods of payment that we have looked at offer any insurances or other benefits than safety. Well not yet that is, this is probably going to challenge the classic methods further.

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