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Quarantine Guide: What To Play

As many cities and states continue with their quarantine orders, now is a perfect time for video gaming fans to hone their skills or live out new adventures. Now that fans have what esports to watch while quarantined, written yesterday on TGH, a list is needed on what to play to kill the time.

Practice Makes Perfect

The cliche adage “Practice Makes Perfect” has existed for some time and there’s a reason behind that; practicing actually makes players better. In between catching the action of esports team taking the digital stage (for now), working on perfecting in-games skills in competitive games is at a high point. People are home and people are playing games so there is zero lack of competition.


Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The world has a lot of heroes playing Overwatch right now. Players have a lot of options when logging into Overwatch.

  1. Competitive play is still alive and well. Setting goals and practicing new heroes is a great way for individuals to work on getting better at Blizzard’s hero shooter.
  2. The Archives event is here and refreshed. Jeff Kaplan let the community know last year that no new events would be coming out for Overwatch since their main focus is Overwatch 2. They did spruce up the Archives event though. Players can find these challenges in arcade mode and it features modes like “Glass Cannon” and “Molten Core”. These new challenges offer different play modes to familiar stories. This event ends on April 2.
  3. Echo is on the Public Test Realm (PTR). Last week, Jeff Kaplan announced that Overwatch’s last hero before Overwatch 2 is Echo. This DPS powerhouse is available to players on PC who have the PTR downloaded.

League of Legends

The household name, League of Legends is alive and well. Recently, Riot has announced new skins for Urgot and Lux. Patch 10.6 came out a little over a week ago, buffing 11 champions and nerfing 5. Wukong was adjusted in the patch.

Call of Duty

Image courtesy of Activision/Blizzard

Fans are patiently waiting for the announcement of the return of Call of Duty League (CDL). Blizzard announced an online format for the remainder of the season but has yet to confirm when matches will be starting back up. In the meantime, organizations have been banking on the success of Call of Duty Warzone, the new free to play battle royal. Since it’s release a few weeks ago, Warzone has doubled the viewership of League of Legends on Twitch. The game is exploding in popularity.

Apex Legends

Image courtesy of EA

Apex Legends‘ Season 4 and the release of Revenant is coming up on its two-month point. Apex continues to thrive in the battle royal community. EA also started an online tournament called “Apex Legends Global Series”. This is an all-online exclusive tournament featuring organizations familiar to Apex Legends competitive viewers. The tournament was open to teams and anyone could register. This qualifying portion was held earlier in the year but now is a great time for players to improve and widen the talent pool for the next open tournament.

Fighting Games

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a fighting game by the folks at Arc System Works. Fans will recognize the name as Arc System Works created titles like Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and DBZ Fighters.  This game features a beautiful 2.5D anime style with flashy cutscenes. Similar to Apex Legends above, Granblue Fantasy Versus is coming up on its two-month point. Since the scene is quite new, now is a great time to work on perfecting combos for fans looking to improve and compete.

Mortal Kombat 11 received a new character on March 17. The comic book legend, Spawn enters the cast. Fans who picked up the Kombat Pack DLC were able to play Spawn, with the character unlocking to everyone on March 24.

A Time To Relax

Two gigantic titles hit the gaming world last week and they could not have come at a perfect time.

Tom Nook from Animal Crossing. Image courtesy of Nintendo

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a continuation of the Animal Crossing series from the people at Nintendo. This is the first Animal Crossing game on console since City Folk‘s release on Nintendo Wii in 2008. Players create an adorable villager as they take advantage of Tom Nook’s deserted island getaway package. The point of the game is to collect, customize, build relationships and just relax. The game is extremely casual and is something that is well-needed in this time of panic and uncertainty.

Image courtesy of Redditor Bynine

The memes were aplenty leading up the March 20 release date of Animal Crossing and the next game, Doom Eternal. Developed by id Software, Doom Eternal follows up on the success of 2016’s Doom. Players will find themselves fighting the demons that the legendary franchise introduced way back in 1993.

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