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Nintendo Switch Sports Preorder Bonuses

Nintendo Switch Sports Preorder

Over a decade ago, the first iteration of the sports game debuted on the Nintendo Wii. Releasing this year, the brand new entry releases on the Nintendo Switch. With brand new games, online multiplayer, and even a ranking system, Nintendo Switch Sports is sure to shake up the gaming community when it officially drops. For players looking to purchase the game early, here are all the details known about Nintendo Switch sports Preorder Bonuses.

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Preorder Bonuses

Unfortunately, preordering the game online yields no extra rewards. In fact, ordering the game online has no benefit whatsoever, excluding the timeliness alongside not relying on shipping. But buying the physical copy of the game allows players to access the leg strap, which serves essential for the Football (or soccer for Americans). Therefore, players looking to maximize their experience definitely should opt for a phsyical copy.

In regards to Preorder Bonuses for physical copies, that depends heavily on the vendor. Some places only provide the leg strap, while places like Walmart actually provide a unique water bottle. Check the link below for more details on this specific deal (not sponsored).

Outside of Walmart, the other vendors do not provide anything too noteworthy for Nintendo Switch Sports Preorder Bonuses. Whatever the case, here are some physical copy retailers to perform the preorder purchase.

Best Buy

In Conclusion

For players buying the game online, fret not. The leg accessory can be purchased separately. So just purchase it if really wanting to try out the soccer/football experience. As for the other games, they should be perfectly playable with just the Nintendo Switch Joycons. The games included in Nintendo Switch Sports are Bowling, Volleyball, Football (Soccer for Americans), Tennis, Badminton, and last but not least Chambara. These add quite a number of games from the original Wii Sports entry, showing the game’s evolution.

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