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New Video Slot Games with Horror Storylines

People love risks. The thrill of anticipation and the joy that comes when odds are in their favor are some of the reasons why they love risks even if the figurative parallel to this would be jumping into a river and praying that they get caught mid-air. What better an outlet to channel this love than slot machines? The slot machine is one of the best things to come out of casinos. Now that they are accessible easily through any device as long as you have an internet connection, they’re more popular than ever. Being stuck behind a paywall is not an issue now because many sites offer free samples to play, e.g. free penny slots

Another reason for their popularity is the wide range of genres they come in. One of the most popular genres that work best with slot games is horror. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it is so. 

Why is Horror one of the Most Popular Genres

  • Research shows that it’s in our genes to love horror. The adverse conditions we see in horror movies/books mirror our unfavorable circumstances, and instead of just rooting for the protagonists, we’re mentally solving their problems ourselves. All this helps us to adapt to real-life situations.
  • There is a theory “The Beast Within” that contends that some part of our human nature remains uncivilized and savage despite our surface pleasantry. According to this theory, we enjoy horror because we like seeing blood and gore due to our primitive inclination towards violence.
  • Most threats in horror movies or books arise suddenly, which activates the fight or flight mechanism. This is one of the best ways to train our fight or flight response which helps us deal with immense stress.
  • The risk of experiencing this genre helps polish our coping mechanisms.
  • The adrenaline rush we get during horror is similar to the one we get when we try exciting things for the first time. We love horror because it’s fun.

Horror Slot Games 

Let’s look at some of the new and noteworthy horror-embedded slot games.

Transylvania Slot

This game is based on the gothic Transylvania featured in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. This historic place located in Romania is widely used as a setting for paranormal Vampire and Werewolf fiction. This game can also be classified in that genre because of the vampires and werewolves featured in it. Most of the online casinos which offer this slot have unique soul-stirring sound and visual effects to go with it that provide an evocative experience that you’ll want to revisit.

Ghost Ship Slot

A ghost ship or a phantom ship is a theme popularly used in horror literature. Originally based on the myth of The Flying Dutchman which was cursed to cruise the waters for eternity. Sighting this ship was supposed to be an omen of inevitable doom. The vessel’s crew consisted either of the dead or the undead. 

This lore makes one of the most haunting themes that are popular in the gambling industry today. The graphic design for the ghost ship slot is not as polished, but it establishes a retro aura that makes it look intentional. Play at your own risk, you might become addicted to it.

Frankenstein Slot

This slot is based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a pioneer in gothic science fiction. Frankenstein was an eccentric scientist who was responsible for the birth of a sentient being which is often referred to as Frankenstein’s monster.

This slot game is one of the most imaginative in this genre. You get to step into the bizarre scientist’s shoes and experiment in his lab by jumbling and swirling several formulas and potions. An eerie atmosphere characteristic of a cemetery comes into play with the stunning visual effects and background music. One of the best elements of this slot is the “Linked Wilds” which are featured not only in the game but also in the free samples, which can be employed to earn enormous wins.

Psycho Slot

Psycho is a 1959 psychological thriller written by Robert Bloch, and further popularized by Alfred Hitchcock’s franchise based on this novel. The antagonist of this story, Norman Bates, might be one of the most unnerving characters in literature.

This slot is one of the most unsettling due to the vivid backdrop painted by Psycho. This game also features the murder knife of Norman Bates and the slashing string score of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies creating a chilling and unforgettable atmosphere.

Dracula Slot

Based on Bram Stoker’s cult classic, this slot is guaranteed to haul you into a portal where Dracula bursts into ominous bats who spring out of the blue and perch on the reels. When the reels cease their motion, these bats morph into arbitrary symbols. This “bat” feature is the best part of the game because the uncertainty adds up to the horror. This slot is enormously popular due to these features in addition to the bat feature:

  • stacked symbols
  • stacked wilds
  • free spins
  • bonuses

Dracula Slot’s visual design is thrilling. Even if you’re not a fan of Dracula and Vampire Literature, you should still try it.

Halloween Jack Slot

Halloween Jack Slot features a narrative of a girl who finds a doomed casket that compels her to commit shocking acts. The situation aggravates as the girl tries to do away with the cursed casket, and accidentally loosens an abomination. 

The best feature of this game is the Jack’O’Lector Bonus which are lantern emblems featured in the reels, which upon amassing can lead to wild bonuses. Another amazing feature is “Walking Wilds”, pumpkin symbols that can be exchanged for payment symbols. Halloween Jack also features free spins, respins, and other bonuses. 

Another amazing characteristic of this game is its compatibility with Android or iOS operating systems, making it accessible for everyone with just a smartphone and an internet connection.


Halloween Jack Slot and Dracula Slot have an edge over other horror-themed slots due to their incredible aspects and bonus features. But other slots in this list deserve to be played as well solely due to the entertainment, which we think you shouldn’t miss. Halloween or no Halloween, the horror is here to stay.

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