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Mario Strikers Battle League Release Date

Mario Strikers Battle League Release Date

After getting two games in a three-year span, the Mario Strikers series went dormant. During the latest Nintendo Direct, the 15-year drought ended with the announcement of Mario Strikers Battle League. This game brings with it a lot of new additions and an online mode that was not available in the versions before. Now fans will be wondering, what is the Mario Strikers Battle League Release Date?

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Fans have been waiting for a new Mario Striker for quite a long time. This version looks like one that will definitely satisfy these fans. Not only is there a bigger cast of characters, but more items and a full-on armor system. In an almost RPG-like fashion, each character will get new stats from different items. This includes cleats, jerseys and more. For fans who enjoy progression systems as seen in many other sports video games of today, it seems as though this game will be bringing that addition with it.

Along with this is a guild-type system that is connected online. Up to 20 people will be able to join these online clans and be able to play against each other as well as with each other. The online mode alone will add a much more competitive system to a game that many had enjoyed at their friends houses or their own.

It is easy to see that this game will be one that many fans will at least give a try. With Mario Tennis and Golf coming out over the past few years, Nintendo clearly understands that these games are ones fans want in a more modern era. Mario Strikers will finally be coming back and offering fans the modern experience they have been hoping for.

The official Mario Strikers Battle League Release Date will be June 10, 2022.

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