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Mar10 Day 2022: A Look at Mario Over The Years

The Game Haus takes time to celebrate Mar10 Day 2022, with a look at some of his most iconic moments over the years.

Mar10 Day!

From his first appearance in Super Mario Bros (1983), Mario has long been beloved in gaming culture. The mustached-hero has appeared in many titles over the years while donning his classic blue and red overalls. Best known for fighting Bowser, Mario has recently moved away from his quest to save Princess Peach into different games. TGH takes a moment to highlight (and celebrate!) the games Mario has appeared in over the years.

Mario “The Wedding Crasher”

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Bringing the open-world gaming concept to a whole new level in Super Mario Odyssey; where Mario was tasked with once again saving Peach from the clutches of Bowser. This time there was a twist: Mario uses his friend “Cappy” to work through 14 different worlds in order to stop Bowser’s wedding with Peach. Headlined by the ability to control anyone (or anything!) Mario throws Cappy on, Super Mario Odyssey lets gamers use Mario unlike before; even using a T-Rex Mario!

Mario “The Brawler”

Image courtesy of Nintendo


Since his first appearance in the original Super Smash Bros game, Mario has long been a fan favorite. With a move set allowing his cape to deflect projectiles, an up-smash hitting the opponent with coins, and ability to shoot fireballs from his hand Mario is considered the most balanced character in the game. He is able to dish out damage, great on the defensive end, and has one of the faster recovery times from heavy attacks. Perhaps the best perk of Mario in this game is the ability to use his Dr. Mario version; headlined by both his signature costume and ability to shoot of a pill similar to his fireballs.

Mario “The…..Bowser?”

Image courtesy of Nintendo

Super Mario Odyssey included many iconic moments, but perhaps the greatest moment in Mario gaming history occurred in the final act: using Cappy to take control of Bowser as Mario. Fans have spent the past four decades fighting the fire-breathing monster, so the chance to control him in a title outside of Smash Bros gave players the experience to flame-throw, smash and claw their way through the last stage in unseen-before Bowser glory. Using Bowser as a hero (helping Peach to escape a collapsing level) continues the evolution of Bowser from a menace to Mario into a different light that appeals to fans of the fire-breathing monster.

Celebrated on March 10th each year, Mar10 Day! 2022 sees fans of the mustached-hero celebrate everything related to Mario. As the week-long celebration continues with annual Mario title sales, gamers will continue to celebrate their favorite Mario moments.

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Featured image courtesy of Nintendo

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