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Kingdom Hearts 4 Announcement

Kingdom Hearts 4

Kingdom Hearts 4 is here, fellow wielders. The Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary event took place today April 10.  Fans all over who have dedicated their lives to following the key wielder’s adventures found their loyalty rewarded. Nomura has given us the final chapter of Dark Road, a new mobile game taking place in Scala Ad Caelum, and Kingdom Hearts 4. This article will go over what was shown in the Kingdom Hearts 4 Announcement.

Sora in Quadratum

Image taken by the Game Haus

Staying true to the ending shown in 3 Re: Mind, Sora is now awake and finding himself in the city of Quadratum; a city in the realm of Unreality that looks like the city of Shibuya. This is also where keyblade wielders who have abused the power of waking end up.

After waking up, Sora is greeted by Strelitzia, Lauriam/Marluxia’s sister that was killed in Union Cross.

Image taken by the Game Haus

Transitioning to downtown Quadratum, a new enemy that resembles a Pureblood Heartless spawns and starts wreaking havoc in the city. Sora runs up and starts fighting it.

Finally, two figures wearing the Organization XIII coats are standing atop a skyscraper, observing Sora. There’s a good chance that these figures are Luxu and the Master of Masters. This is almost confirmed due to the pose the figure on the right is standing in.

Kingdom Hearts 4
Image taken by the Game Haus

Graphics and Gameplay Style

One thing of particular interest to note is that the graphics look very similar to recent Final Fantasy titles. Particularly 7R and 15. Nomura is very intentional with his design styles. If players observe closely, Sora’s design aesthetic bends to fit the world he’s in. This means that Quadratum is most likely the Kingdom Hearts equivalent of a Final Fantasy world that fans have been asking for forever.

Sora’s current outfit is also not entirely coincidental. Players who have played Kingdom Hearts 3 and finished it on critical have seen the characters in their Groupies Collection outfits. If one looks at Kingdom Hearts 4 Sora, the outfits are near identical.

The gameplay also looks very similar to Kingdom Hearts 3. Keyblade transformations also look to be making a comeback.

Kingdom Hearts 4
Sora forms a drill to combat the new enemy.

Donald and Goofy’s Bizzare Adventure

Lastly, the trailer shows Donald and Goofy walking through a pitch-black space looking for a character who could help them find Sora. This segment ends with a new character’s voice making itself known, along with a blue flame. No one knows who this character is, but this is an interesting tidbit to look forward to.


The title of this next arc is called The Lost Masters Arc. Now that the Kingdom Hearts 4 announcement has been given, fans can await the next big Kingdom Hearts sensation with bated breath. People have wanted more influence from Final Fantasy on the Kingdom Hearts series and with the start of the second phase, fans hope that this part of the story will be simpler and cleaner than the last.

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