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KeyMander 2 Mobile Adapter Review

In case it wasn’t obvious, mobile gaming is here and is growing insanely fast. Competitive mobile games are hosting tournaments with teams vying for for a first place finish with massive cash prizes. Whether it’s Fortnite or Call of Duty, players can often times wish they were using a classic console controller to compete in these games. Luckily for players, iOGear has just the thing. The KeyMander 2 Mobile is an adapater that allows players to play their favorite mobile games with a controller or mouse and keyboard. Just in time for the holidays, here is the TGH KeyMander 2 Mobile adapter review.


Gauging the performance on a product like the KeyMander feels a bit like a binary scale. Realistically it boils down to – did it work or not. Luckily for curious buyers, it did. Users can easily connect to the KeyMander adapter through bluetooth on their phone. Controllers, keyboards and mice all have a separate port so players can have, and should, have everything connected at the same time.

The one thing to note is that users will need to add the KeyMander 2 Mobile app to their iPhone or Android. The app guides the user through the set up process, and serves as the hub for configuring any key bindings and controller adjustments. Once the bluetooth is paired and the peripherals are plugged in, the KeyMander is good to go.

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Overall Feel

The KeyMander is relatively small, which allows it to fit on any desk easily. The small size doesn’t take away its ability to prop up a phone safely. At least during the review, there wasn’t a time where the phone fell during a match. Obviously it would be frustrating to have the phone move around during a competitive game, but luckily the KeyMander 2 doesn’t have that problem.

The one nit-pick about the KeyMander is having it feel like a small desktop computer when someone wants to use wired peripherals. The wired for the keyboard, combined with the wire for the mouse, combined with the wire for the controller created this uncomfortable situation where each cable would get in the way of another, making gaming a bit trickier than playing on a desktop. If someone wanted to make the most of the KeyMander adapter, definitely opt into wireless options.


The KeyMander 2 comes to a bit of a surprising price tag at $99.95. At that range, it may move outside the price for the more casual player and really appeal to those looking to get any advantage they can when it comes to competing in a mobile game.


The KeyMander 2 Adapter is an excellent grab for players who are truly serious about mobile gaming. The KeyMander feels like a miniature desktop that is focused on giving the best performance for games on a phone or tablet. Though the KeyMander does have the capability to do more than just play games, it feels a bit excessive for anything other than trying to use a controller for mobile FPS games.

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