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Is There a Difference Between Slot Machine Games and Pokies?

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As someone new to the gaming scene, one of the games that you probably are interested to play is the slot machine. After all, this is the easiest and simplest casino game that doesn’t really require skill or knowledge. You just really have to sit in front of it and start playing by pushing a button or pulling a lever back in the day.

Nowadays, you can even play slot machine games online and on your mobile phone. Even sportsbooks would have a casino section with slot machine games. The bottom line is that whether you’re someone who frequents sites like for sports betting or the PlayStation site for console gaming, you can effortlessly play a game of slots. It’s just so easy to access nowadays and anyone can play it. Whether you’re a fan of slot machine games or not, you’ve probably heard of the term pokies.

What are pokies and how are they different from slot machine games? Well, you can easily download the best pokies app for you to find out for yourself, but really… pokies and slot machines are basically the same thing!

Australia is known to be a country that loves to gamble. Playing pokies is the most popular way to gamble in this country and if you visit and want to experience the casino life out there, this is something that many would quickly suggest.

After all, pokie machines in Australia are widespread. You can find these machines in pubs, restaurants, hotels, bars, and other places outside the casinos. It is estimated that around 250,000 pokie machines are scattered around the country, and so it’s impossible for you not to spot one when you visit the country.

There really is no difference between the two aside from their spelling and pronunciation. The word pokie is a slang term that is used in the countries of Australia and New Zealand. For people living in these places, a pokie machine and slot machine are either online or physical casino machines that can be played with real money.

The term pokie machine is mainly used in New Zealand and Australia, and if you use this in casinos in the US or in most part of the world, some may not really know what you’re exactly talking about. They may think that pokies are poker machines or a machine that has something to do with poker.

And so, why are slot machines called pokies instead of video poker machines in these countries? Well, no one really knows how this happened. However, it is likely that video poker machines were initially what the people in New Zealand and Australia are referring to as pokies.

The people in both countries are fond of shortening words like cigarettes to ciggies and avocados to avos. It just makes sense that they called poker machines as pokies. It’s possible that as slot machines made their way to the casinos in these countries, they just started to call them pokies too. After all, both are electronic casino games.

As more people call both machines the same thing, local casinos in these countries eventually started to adopt the term. Right now, this is what really slot machines are called in New Zealand and Australia. That’s just wordplay from around the world. In fact, other countries call slot machines differently too.

In England and British countries, some would call the slot machines as fruit machines. In Scotland, they call a slot machine as the puggy. Some would also call slot machines as one-armed bandits. It’s called that way by people who fancy some good old-fashioned colloquial slang.

And so, what really is the difference? There is none, but it is noticeable that pokie games or slot machines in New Zealand and Australia are now digital. This means that they don’t usually have the classic slot machines with actual reels and lever. They mainly have modern ones with just a screen and buttons.

Well, wherever you are in the world, there probably are other names for it. Just know that if you visit New Zealand or Australia, it’s best to use the term pokies but it is likely that they would still know what you’re talking about if you use the term slot machine. Meanwhile, in other gambling cities and states in the US like Las Vegas and New Jersey, looking for and using the term pokies may be something that everyone is familiar with. The same goes for those other terminologies from different countries.


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