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Is One Piece Odyssey turn-based?

One Piece Odyssey turn-based

The newest One Piece game dropped their first trailer, taking fans around the world by surprise. One Piece Odyssey revealed to be a JRPG. It utilizes Eiichiro Oda’s original character designs alongside monsters. Dragon Quest uses Dragonball’s genius Akira Toriyama’s designs,  so this newest One Piece game is quite similar in that regard. But is One Piece Odyssey turn-based?

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Chances are, One Piece Odyssey utilizes turn-based combat. Keep in mind, the game hasn’t been officially revealed as turn based. But evidence definitely points toward that direction. No real combat gameplay teased in the trailers. This correlates with turn-based combat because combat in turn-based doesn’t appear very exciting.

A lot of players turn away from turn-based combat. Haha… Therefore, including the combat can definitely hurt wide-spread appeal for the game, with many preferring combat. So it’s highly likely developers purposefully left out the combat in the first trailer.

In addition,  the only combat oriented clips included were special move animations. Zoro’s special attack, Luffy’s gear second, and many of the other crew member’s flashy scenes debuted in the trailer. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the combat will be bad. Plenty of turn-based RPGs create innovative and engaging cycles. The game just appeals to a different demographic of gamers than the typical button mashing or arena fighter anime game.

One Piece Odyssey turn-based

Zoro’s Special attack

The structure and style of turn based combat stands as an industry staple for JRPGs, allowing for more strategic based gameplay. And with a myriad of different characters to choose from, One Piece Odyssey likely utilizes different classes. Perhaps Zoro and Luffy are the typical damage carries, with Chopper being the designated healer. Or maybe Brook grants various buffs by playing music.

Not much information revealed regarding the game’s story. Some new characters alongside environments indicate exploration of a new island. But outside of that, much of the game remains a mystery. If the story for One Piece Odyssey mirrors that of the original series, multiple characters likely cycle through on different objectives. This would essentially force players to switch out their party members, with the crew often splitting up to accomplish various tasks.

In Conclusion

Keep in mind, One Piece Odyssey turn-based hasn’t been officially revealed. But a vast amount of evidence points towards that direction. Labeled as a JRPG, exploration and adventure likely stand as the biggest appeal for the new game. For JRPG fanatics who have been looking for a One Piece entry, this is likely their cup of tea. For combat fanatics, who require fast paced action that test mechanical prowess, One Piece Odyssey may not fill that crave. Instead, try out the Pirate Warriors series or Jump Force instead. Actually, maybe not Jump Force…

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