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Is Nintendo Switch Sports Multiplayer?

Nintendo Switch Sports Multiplayer

Over a decade ago, the first iteration of the sports game debuted on the Nintendo Wii. Releasing this year, the brand new entry releases on the Nintendo Switch. With brand new games, online multiplayer, and even a ranking system, Nintendo Switch Sports is sure to shake up the gaming community when it officially drops. But this then begs the question, what does Nintendo Switch Sports Multiplayer support?

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Nintendo Switch Sports grand return brings online multiplayer. The game supports bringing a friend online, so two players in a room together can take on remote enemies. Players looking to switch up the gaming dynamics, instead of just playing against their friends, can bring their friend online with them for some 2v2 action. This particular function works for team games, like Tennis and Volleyball.

On the official Nintendo Online store, it states online play allows for 1-2 players. This is actually a bit inaccurate, since players can fight in a tournament format in games like Bowling.

Anyway, for local play the game supports up to 4 players. Each only needs to utilize a single joy-con. Thereby, creating a relatively friendly ease of access. The caveat is that the game cannot be played with other controllers, such as a pro controller or third party wired connections.

In Conclusion

The games included in Nintendo Switch Sports are Bowling, Volleyball, Football (Soccer for Americans), Tennis, Badminton, and last but not least Chambara. These add quite a number of games from the original Wii Sports entry, showing the game’s evolution. Though uncertain as to how good the quality of gameplay will be, Nintedo Switch Sports Multiplayer is sure to bring tons of fun. Whether players are enjoying the game in person or online, the new entry supports both options!

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