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Is Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Worth it?

The Skywalker Saga Worth it

The brand new Lego Star wars video game released a couple of days ago. Many hyped up the entry as a dazzling success, stating that The Skywalker Saga brings a new level to the Lego gaming franchise. With amazing aesthetics, worlds to explore, and a combat system never before seen in the Lego Star Wars series, the game is definitely impressive. But is The Skywalker Saga worth it? Here are some facts for the reader to consider.

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On steam, the base game costs $49.99 USD excluding tax. For every other platform, it costs $59.99 USD excluding tax. This stands as a pretty expensive game. But is the price point worth it? Well, that depends on what the reader wants in a video game. And when considering what the consumer wants, many elements tie in together. Are players looking for a multiplayer games to play online with their friends? Do they want to just explore some Star Wars fantasies? Or are they looking for a game that tests their mechanical and mental prowess to the utmost limits?

Target Audience

A common consensus for players is that The Skywalker Saga is a casual children’s game made for adults. On paper, the game seems targeted towards children. After all, they’re literal building blocks which were originally marketed towards children. But many of the children have since grown up. The Skywalker Saga is perfect for this group of people, especially those who played the original Lego Star Wars games. creating an experience that seems to have grown up alongside the players.

This doesn’t mean that children can’t enjoy the game. In fact, The Skywalker Saga is a great method of introducing anyone to the Star Wars Universe.

As a whole, the game is simplistic by nature. During initial marketing, the shooting mechanic and jedi combos were shown off as far more complex than before. And though combat received an upgrade, the game as a whole is still rather easy. The button mashing mechanics enhanced from previous entries, yet still doesn’t push players to their utmost limit. For those looking for a game like Elden Ring, which tests the player’s mettle, The Skywalker Saga does not satisfy that specific niche.

But this isn’t necessarily to the game’s detriment. Having easy combat allows players to admire the other aspects of the game. Be it the gorgeous environments, witty story telling, or even hidden easter eggs eluding to other aspects of the Star Wars universe, the game has tons to offer. Though most appreciatable by Star Wars fans already intimately familiar with the franchise, the game’s narrative flows in a way where even newcomers can enjoy.

Is the game good?

When answering this question, the previous thoughts must be considered as well. There’s no online multiplayer, excluding the use of Steam Remote Play. The game is very easy, straight forward, and lacks a proper difficulty curve. For competition based players, there’s nothing much here for them. And for those who value the mentioned traits to an overwhelmingly large degree, The Skywalker Saga is not good or worth it.

But it’s story and dialogue are top tier, drawing from the original source material while providing its own innovative twist. What the game does, it does very well. Exploration feels rewarding and substantial. Players can easily roam various worlds for hours, exploring new things very regularly. The world designs were clearly crafted with love, with details sprinkled throughout every level. Characters play similarly, but the designs and character selections impress even the pickiest players.

Players worried about the game’s longevity have nothing to worry about. The amount of content packed into the game should leave completionists occupied for countless hours. Even just completing the base story takes a couple dozen hours. And with a ton of DLC, alongside potential new DLC in the future, the game definitely earns its worth for playable hours.

In conclusion

The Skywalker Saga is a fantastic game. This article provided a lot of criticism regarding the difficulty, multiplayer, and simplicity. But these aspects are important to note when determining whether or not “Is Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Worth it?” To summarize, for Star Wars fans looking for a way to reexperience the story in an immersive gameplay experience, The Skywalker Saga is definitely worth it. With tons to do, hundreds of characters, well directed voice acting and cut scenes, Lego Star Wars has never been better.

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