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Is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Multiplayer?

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Multiplayer

The 20th anniversary event for Kingdom Hearts blew the community’s mind. Revealed during the event is a brand new entry to the Kingdom Hearts Franchise, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link. Kingdom Hearts Missing Link draws a stronger foundation in gameplay with the mainline series. The gameplay looks three dimensional, with combat mechanics similar to the ones fans are familiar with. But since it’s a mobile game, this then begs the question: Is Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Multiplayer?

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From the looks of it, it seems like Kingdom Hearts Missing Link will have multiplayer functions. At the end of the trailer, multiple keyblade wielders can be seen fighting in a single area. And they appear to be fighting the trade mark KH boss fight in the form of Darkside. This indicates a possibility of cooperative boss battles in Missing Link, where players bring their avatar online.

The noncontrolled avatar is shown using magic, indicating another player

Of course, this is purely speculation, but having multiplayer in Kingdom Hearts Missing Link wouldn’t be all that out of the ordinary. Many JRPG based mobile games have multiplayer for boss missions/dungeons. Typically these roll out as limited time events. During these, players queue up and run the missions over and over to accomplish rewards.

Kingdom Hearts Union Cross actually had a very similar multiplayer function as well. And seeing as how Kingdom Hearts Missing Link is a mobile game of the same franchise, multiplayer stands as a very real possibility.

Unlike the main line series, which requires the player to play Sora most of the time, Missing Link may have character customizations. In the trailer, three distinct characters are shown in the gameplay. Whether or not these are canonical playable characters or customized ones is still unknown. But in the small teaser Square Enix revealed, the narrator constantly states “the night you awoke in this world, the stars shone contorted in the pitch-black sky.” The “you” in this case likely refers to the player, which would point towards character customization much like Union Cross.

And if there’s character customization, it’s likely that the new mobile game will draw inspiration for other features as well, such as multiplayer.

In Conclusion

Kingdom Hearts Missing Link Multiplayer isn’t confirmed. But close analysis and speculation shows evidence pointing towards the high likelihood of the game supporting cooperative play. And if it does, Kingdom Hearts Missing Link may become the best platform for cooperative KH to date. The game begins its closed beta in 2022, but only in select regions. Information on the closed beta is sure to reveal within the next couple of weeks. So to keep updated with more Kingdom Hearts Missing Link news, be sure to stay connected at The Game Haus.

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