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Is gaming finally becoming accessible to disabled players?

During your childhood in Poland, you could probably see children in your school who could not participate in field games like football, volleyball, hockey, etc., because of their disability.

However, as they say, “Disability is not inability,” Such students could still participate in other activities that did not require a lot of physical involvement.

Similarly, there are casino games and other forms of gaming that disabled players could not play. However, that didn’t mean that they couldn’t play them permanently. Their ability to play was mostly inhibited by the little advancement in technology then.

We were lucky to contact our polish expert Jacek Michalski, a professional gambler and writer who gave his insights on this topic.

The advancement

In recent years, advancement in technology in Poland has been consistent. Many problems that did not have solutions now have amicable solutions. The evolution of technology in gaming has been consistent through the kind of innovations that keep coming up.

Players of varied conditions can now access the games they want to play in whichever form and enjoy them. For instance, disabled players can also access their favorite games online and enjoy playing them.

Disabled players in Poland were in the past finding it hard to access physical casinos as some did not have disability measures in place. Technological advancement has now made it easy to visit an online casino to stake and win real money.

Here are the accessible games and gaming apps for disabled people

Consider the below options to understand how gaming is accessible to disabled players.

Waveband App

Besides being a good source of exercise, the app is ideal for people from Poland who have a form of disability, such as visual impairments or blindness.

It allows the user to play music by only moving their device. e.g., Apple watch. By moving it up and down and sideways, you can make music using the app. It’s a user-friendly app that provides the player with convenience.

Additionally, the app is free to download and is compatible with the common operating system. It can be used in gaming, making it a better way of accessing the games.

Audio game hub

Do you know someone who is blind or visually impaired but loves gaming? If you do, then Audio game hub is the best pick. A major obstacle that most of the players who are blind face is the accessibility of the games.

Audio games in Poland will not need any special features to access the games on their device since the Audio game hub has a voiceover. The feature enables the players to access the games by searching verbally. The app also provides the player with an inverted colour feature.

Furthermore, the app has more than 10 games, allowing the player to choose from the vast options available. They include a casino, memory skills, and archery. Their different audio differentiates them.

The app is downloadable from the iTunes app store. Besides, you can find it on google play for android.

Sims Freeplay App

Its ease of accessibility makes it an excellent preference for visually impaired players. The app offers the player a fantastic chance of creating people known as Sims. After that, the player has the privilege of controlling their lives, developing them to get a job, form relationships, buy houses, and form families.

The app has tasks that the player can complete and win amazing rewards ranging from monetary to other forms. It’s ideal for visually impaired people because it allows them to use zoom for streaming.

If you know someone in Poland who wants to try online gambling but are visually impaired, you can ask them to pick Sims Freeplay App. It’s easy to use because they can control everything using one finger tap button.

See me draw

Do you know a friend with a learning disability who wants to enjoy gaming online, but their condition is barring them? See me draw is one of the best options you can suggest to them.

It’s a game that is made up of dot to dot. When you touch a red dot, it begins to draw a picture. A green dot then moves in between the dots. From the app, you can also learn how to use drawer controller.

From the above information, you can realize that gaming is finally becoming accessible to disabled players. If you know a disabled person in Poland who is interested in online gambling and gaming trends, you can try some of the games highlighted here:

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