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How to win at Blackjack: 6 best ways

When you first start playing at the casino, you already have the desire to break a big bankroll, as professionals do. But you don’t have enough experience yet to realize this dream. Moreover, each gambling game has not only its own special rules but also ways to win.

Online Blackjack – is a popular game that Australians love. There are quite simple rules, but it is not easy for a beginner to win playing Blackjack. The thing is that this table game is based on the ability to count cards quickly and predict further events in the game. Therefore, especially for novice gamers, Blackjack professionals present six working methods. Read, record and practice them right now.

Play each hand correctly

Online Blackjack is not particularly different from playing at a land-based casino. Here, the player’s main target is to get an optimal combination of cards that will beat the dealer’s hand and not lead to busting. But to succeed, you must play all hands correctly. Do not forget that in Blackjack, the number of hands is strictly limited, which means that you need to work out each hand as if it is the last. Do not neglect the weak cards because even with them, you can easily win the round.

For example, you received cards 7 and 5. This is a hard 12, which does not differ from the combinations of 8 and 4, 9 and 3. Therefore, all these hands should be played correctly. Moreover, despite all the variety of possible hands in Blackjack, there are not so many winning options – no more than a few dozen.

Throughout the Blackjack session, always use the strategy card. That way, you collect the best hands with any initial cards. To do this, no need to go deep into mathematics. But when you get the hand after dealing, play it as profitably as possible. The mathematical equation is what matters in Blackjack.

Features of Blackjack at the land-based casinos

You have to learn how to correctly play all the hands you get when dealing at the Blackjack table. As soon as you become a real expert in that, victory will come to you. But that’s not all the conditions for winning a 21 point game. You should also know the rules of that table game, literally by heart.

And do you know what the most interesting thing about the rules of Blackjack is? They can simultaneously help you become the best of the best gamers, and they can also make you lose endlessly. The fact is that not all the rules and conditions of the Blackjack game are beneficial for a gamer. Especially if we are talking about land-based casinos in Australia, which are often mentioned on the Spin-Paradise review site.

So, what is the most important thing you need to understand before playing Blackjack? Once you get to a land-based casino in Australia with its luxurious tables and huge gaming rooms, never come to the Blackjack table that pays 6 to 5. You don’t want to leave this place with an empty wallet, do you? Such payment statistics reduces profit for gamers, even that they receive the best hand and win.

Among the rules of Blackjack that are beneficial for you are the following: Blackjack tables offering surrender, the dealer stands on the soft 17 and tables where you can double the bet after splitting the pair. These game conditions are quite profitable for you.

Experienced Blackjack gamers use one acceptable method when playing in a land-based casino in Sydney. It helps them to achieve higher results in the game and at the same time does not require money costs. Just become a member of the rewards club, where you play land-based Blackjack and you will get additional bonuses and privileges throughout all card battles.

Virtual and mobile Blackjack

No matter where you play Blackjack – at an online casino, on a mobile phone or visiting a land-based casino, the rules are fundamental everywhere. Knowing the rules and strategies of the game, you will quickly turn from a beginner to a real Blackjack expert. But also each game mode has its advantages and disadvantages.

For example, when playing at a land-based casino, you feel more restricted than you do online. Different ground clubs put different sets of terms and conditions in front of the players, which sometimes severely restricts the player’s actions. So, there are quite high betting limits at the land-based Blackjack casinos that can be set, which means that not every user can play there. In online casinos, the betting limit is usually lower and more affordable.

If you compare online Blackjack and land-based game, it is obvious that the speed of rounds will be much higher at online casinos. Here you can even play on several Blackjack tables at the same time. At a land-based club, it is impossible to imagine. However, this also hides the drawback of virtual Blackjack. Because of this high speed, you can lose your money faster.

The advantage of virtual Blackjack is the bonus program. Today, any Australian online casino offers its customers extended rewards programs, and these privileges can also be used in the game 21 points. With the help of bonuses, you can play without even spending your hard-earned money.

When you play in the land-based club, you can use the winning strategies of Blackjack, including the method of counting cards. This way is quite justified, and many Australians have won big bankroll in Blackjack thanks to card counting. In an online casino, this method practically does not work.

Count the cards! Top tips for beginners

Learn the rules of Blackjack, choose the tables with the most favourable conditions, play each hand, use the bonuses in the online game – all these are great tips that help you win! But there is another key to getting success in Blackjack. Count the cards throughout the game session.

Not all casino users count cards when they compete for 21 points at the table. And they do it in vain. Because this technique is not as complicated as it seems. And also, with the help of counting cards, you can predict the outcome of the game, which means you can influence your result.

Today, in gambling, there are several popular methods of counting cards in Blackjack. Choose the clearest and simple option for yourself and start practicing. For example, the method of the Ace five count. According to this strategy, you only pay attention to Aces and fives. Carefully track how these cards come out of the deck; it’s not as difficult as it seems.

Counting cards in Blackjack fulfills the main mission, which is very important for any gamer. It reduces the advantage of the game house. So, thanks to the card count, you will increase your chances of winning.

Advanced card counting methods

Once you have mastered the simple methods and strategies of playing Blackjack, then it’s time to move on to more advanced ways of playing. The same applies to the card counting strategy. Have you already learned how to count cards in Blackjack using only Ace and fives? Try yourself in more complicated forms of the game.

In fact, advanced counting systems and simple ones are not much different from each other. The only difference is that in the advanced mode, you count more cards. In practice, it looks quite simple, you need to start. Blackjack is a game that any gamer can understand, but it only takes some effort and time.

One of the most popular card counting strategies in Blackjack that is considered advanced is the High Low system. However, some Blackjack experts believe that this strategy needs to be transformed to make it even more effective.

There are also other ways to count cards in Blackjack. For example, knock out system or Red 7 strategy. If you have already learned how to use the simple method of counting cards in Blackjack, then you will be able to master more advanced strategies!

How to win Blackjack without counting cards

The most effective method of playing Blackjack is counting cards, and it should be remembered by any casino novice. However, this strategy only works at the land-based clubs. But that’s not the only way to win a 21 point game.

Also, professionals recommend using the methods of playing without counting cards. Among them: hole carding and shuffle tracking. But the most effective technique you can use in a land-based Blackjack casino is Ace sequencing. By tracking where the Aces are at the discard point and observing their order, you can predict when the Aces will be dealt at the Blackjack table.


Any game can be won if you know the rules, the best strategies and practice them constantly. Blackjack is the game with the lowest casino advantage, so you are much more likely to win here than in Roulette or Poker.

It will be easier for you to win the game 21 points if you choose only those tables that offer you better rules. Also, learn to count cards – this will come in handy when playing Blackjack at a land-based casino. Play each hand and keep an eye on the Aces. Leave the rest to your luck.

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