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How to Promote Game: Queen of the Nile Game Marketing Case Study 2020

Henry is the CEO of Pokieslab, whose experience in online slot marketing spans over eight years. As a founder of Pokieslab, Henry Williams has reserved the rightful position of Senior Sales marketing manager, a position that he holds dearly given his academic and professional background. With an MA in Marketing from Staffordshire University, Henry worked as a Marketing Assistant at UWP before joining Pokieslab. Among his key achievements since joining Pokieslab include the growth of distribution channels, which have yielded a broader client base. This has been achieved through robust online game marketing techniques.

Since its inception, Pokieslab has remained reliable and highly-dependable with eye-opening gaming reviews. With direct links to real money pokies, the journey to the promotion of [Queen of the Nile free pokie] on is one that illustrates Henry’s commitment to professional duties.


Pokieslab offers over 200+ free online pokies with no download and no registration. People from all over Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe can play Real Money Pokies, Free Online Pokies, and Aristocrat Pokies on its website on desktop and mobile versions.

Henry Williams decides to enter the iGaming industry since casino slot games have been making headlines with peaking sales volume in the last two decades. The Aristocrat provider takes his attention. In 2019, Aristocrat performed a strong growth in the US that drove a $95.8 million profit, driven by the latest gaming cabinets and continued penetration of the most prominent Buffalo and Dragon Link game families. Digital grew the earnings of $37.0 million, driven by the newest company’s acquisitions. Aristocrat also favored strategic investment in talent and technology equal to about 11.4% of revenue in 2019. Such investments support the creation of market-leading products in land-based and digital spheres.

As with these games, Queen of the Nile video slot by Aristocrat had a targeted investment in developing new game features that culminated into the big game that succeeded on the ~US$50 billion mobile gaming market. The concerted online marketing and selling techniques put up by Pokieslab staff, including the senior sales marketing manager, have seen the game rake in insurmountable dollars in the recent gaming past.

Created to arouse gaming interest among players with a taste for an Egyptian-theme, the Queen of the Nile slot is served hot with 3D graphics and attractive animations. Set on a background of the Egyptian deserts, Pyramids, and other theme-alluding symbols, the game’s objective is to win prizes courtesy of additional symbols that include Pharaoh masks, golden rings, and wild queens. Spinning the game gives you the chance to smile at the gorgeous Queen and carry home epic prizes or marvel at the broad range of artifacts that come with random prizes.

Engagement and Market Potential

The global online gambling market was valued at US$44.317 billion in 2019. From 2020 to 2025, the market is expected to grow at a 7.13% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). The increase in mobile gaming culture penetration has been singled out as one of the most significant factors contributing to this growth. While this has enabled gamblers to access their games at the comfort of their homes, other factors have also led to the increased percolation of online casino gaming. They include; Increased legalization in the previously restricted regions, corporate sponsorships, celebrity endorsements, and the increased access to gaming platforms.

Riding on the back of these rising numbers, engagement rates for online slots including Queen of the Nile continue to soar up. Online gaming is summarily folded into PC gaming, Console Gaming, and Mobile Gaming, while online slots fall under PC and mobile gaming categories. In 2019, mobile gaming platforms accounted for the biggest percentage of online gamers. It produced over $68.5 billion, which represented 45% of the total market. As engagement levels for online slots rise, the market estimates that by 2022, mobile slot gaming will reach 49% of the total market, while 80% of the revenues ($55B) will come from smartphones.

With industries expected to thrive in the next decade, Henry Williams is eager to be at the global success story center. One of his motivations is that he yearns to go down in history as one of the cogs that drove free pokie games to play into unprecedented popularity.

Audience Analysis

Queen of the Nile slot’s target audience is mostly middle-aged men and women who remember this classic slot’s origins. These are players who regularly play the Queen of the Nile game out of compelling curiosity and to have fun. They do so to try their skills and luck as they leverage strategies learned over time.

According to a study conducted across the US, UK, and Australian markets, findings were categorized into specific age groups that further augment online slots, including Queen of the Nile popularity, as illustrated by the study’s following findings.

The study took into account gamblers aged 18 to 70 years. 37% of this population that play their games through PCs and mobile games are more likely to play social games that include slots, bingo, roulette, blackjack, and baccarat. Gamblers aged 36-70 account for the biggest percentage (60%) of the social casino audience. The genre is more prevalent in the US market, where around 36% of mobile and PC gamers engage in it.

While pointing to these stats, it is noteworthy that the Queen of the Nile slot is likely to attract an impressive percentage of players. A vast percentage of all the players (37%- US, UK, and Australia) prefer social casino games under which category Queen of the Nile falls.

The Mission

Pokieslab wanted to boost player involvement and reach the younger Millennial age group among Australian players and encourage first-time customers to try demo mode, set up an account, make a deposit, and start playing for real money AU$1,500 + 150 Free Spins.

Pokieslab was looking for a professional digital marketing company or agency with first-hand experience promoting the Queen of the Nile slot in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. They sought an agency with expertise in digital marketing, including SEO, trailers, data-backed campaigns, and creative concept designs.

The Solution

Pokieslab has unique ways to promote various games. The Queen of the Nile’s relaunch with an immersive ancient and Egyptian theme presented another opportunity for the professional promoters to showcase their prowess. To ensure broad customer reach, Pokieslab made the following steps towards the promotion of the game.

  • Strong Online presence.For a game to leverage the growing gaming demand, a practical and robust online presence is necessary. Pokieslab dedicated an exclusive link for the Queen of the Nile website, thus enhancing its visibility across social media platforms. The website comes with crucial leads on playing the game, while the Facebook page was created for engaging with the clients.

Custom Audience. The company split the strategy into a lookalike audience and a new younger audience. The lookalike audience was based on the top 25% of Pokieslab’s active website users to reach people who were likely to take action. On the other hand, the team made distinctive ads for a younger audience, trying to enter the new market.

  • Game Trailers and Blogger Cooperation. Pokieslab has been able to promote the Queen of the Nile slot through befitting trailers. This also enhances the game’s visibility. Video presence on YouTube, Twitch, and social media helped advertise the slot machine by showcasing players what they can expect should they subscribe or play the game. They worked perfectly along with spreading by bloggers and streamers on their channels. Trailers, in general, gave potential players a sneak peek of what the game looks like in every facet. Queen of the Nile was broadcasted on Twitch by 10+ streamers while testing the game for real money.

The results

Having weighed all these factors into the Queen of the Nile and other slots marketing and promotion strategies, Pokieslab successfully executed the game’s marketing strategy. The return on investment in six months can be described as excellent, given the following numbers:

  • Over 4.2 Thousand players from Australia
  • Link clicks to play the game CTR 4.7%
  • YouTube and Twitch Link Clicks 0.9%
  • 2X lower cost per bringing the player to Pokieslab
  • 3X lower cost per new player who made a deposit

This is a paid guest post.

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