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How to play The Skywalker Saga Online Multiplayer

The Skywalker Saga Online

A lot of players stand disappointed by the lack of online multiplayer in The Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga. Cooperative play stands as one of the best methods of enjoying a Lego Game. And since so much of the world as moved to remote, it’s difficult to plan out local play effectively. But here’s some good news. This article will go over how to play The Skywalker Saga online. This guide is only relevant for Steam purchasers. Sadly, the other consoles have no such support.

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Steam Remote Play

The Skywalker Saga supports Remote Play on steam. This essentially allows players to play cooperatively with others across the world, only requiring one player to own the game. But keep in mind, this method requires strong wifi.

The lack of a strong connection results in poor lag and therefore a mediocre experience. 

First of all, one player must purchase and install The Skywalker Saga on steam. As mentioned before, this method does not work on other platforms. Once players confirm the purchase, open the game up and make sure the computer runs smoothly.

Keep the game running. Then click into the Friends menu on the steam menu. Do so by either alt tabbing out of the game, and clicking directly through steam, or by pressing Shift+Tab.

Click View Friends List

Once in the menu, there should be an option that states “invite anyone to play.” Make sure that the user it connected to the internet, and not in Family View. Simply click the the button, which leads to a separate menu that states “remote play.”

Click invite anyone to play
The Skywalker Saga Online
Copy and Share the link

Just copy the link, and share it to the other player. Doing so should bring the other user to play the game alongside the owner. This method works for PC, Mac, Android, and IOS. In other words, players can even play through a mobile device. But honestly, using a computer is much preferable, as the mobile devices aren’t very well optimized, often resulting in lag.

Before joining the game, the second player may be prompted to download and install an application from Steam. Just click through and install the program. It’s 100% safe, and backed by Steam itself. For those wondering, Steam Remote play works by streaming the game to the other users. The other user then sends their inputs, controller or keyboard, to the initial user. Therefore, it only requires one player to own the game, and doesn’t absolutely drain the hardware of the second user. In essence, only one computer needs to be able to effectively run the game.

In conclusion

Hopefully this helped players share The Skywalker Saga with their far off friends. It’s not a perfect method of playing multiplayer, but it’s truly the only viable way to do so at the current moment. Keep in mind, Steam Remote Play relies heavily on a strong internet connection to function. Without a strong connection, the experience becomes rather abysmal. So connect to those Ethernet cords, and stop those massive downloads when attempting this method of The Skywalker Saga Online Multiplayer.

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