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How to play Bitcoin casino?

While traditional media are just started to pay attention to cryptocurrency, various gambling portals were thinking about using its best advantage. And it has to be said that those online casinos, which at the time took a chance to use Bitcoin, have become incredibly successful.

So nowadays, we can freely say that Bitcoin casinos are virtual gambling establishments that accept deposits and withdrawal winnings in Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies.

The great interest in cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin, in particular, was mainly due to the technical features of this innovative ecosystem. Financially literate people have paid specific attention to several critical aspects of digital currencies:

  • Payment processing speed 
  • Possibility to send small parts of one BTC 
  • Secure and confidential transactions 
  • Interesting promotions 
  • Low cheating risk 
  • Anonymity


Many inexperienced users often ask: Where can I get the Bitcoin, and how can I cash it out? Let’s look at a few steps to start playing Bitcoin casino.

  • Step 1. Register a Bitcoin wallet. The most popular wallets are Bitcoin Core, Electrum, Bither, etc. 
  • Step 2. Buy Bitcoins. For this step, you need to use one of the exchanges like Brittex, Bitstamp, Kraken, or, as an alternative, you can buy them on sites like LocalBitcoin. 
  • Step 3. Find the right place for the game. 
  • Step 4. Deposit from your Bitcoin wallet. After registration on the casino’s official website, you will be assigned a specific Bitcoin address in the cashier. When you want to top up your balance, you must transfer the necessary amount from your wallet to this address. As soon as the money is in your credit, you can start playing. 
  • Step 5. Withdraw your winnings. After you’re finished playing, you can go to the cashier and make a withdrawal request. 

What kind of games can you play with Bitcoin?

Of course, it’s no longer a secret that the most common type of games you can play with Bitcoin are slots. Nowadays, you can easily find a couple of dozen Bitcoin slot games. And it has to be said that most Bitcoin slot games are not just simple reels with a boring interface. On the contrary, the developers try to make each app as exciting as possible. Sometimes there’s a feeling that Bitcoin slots are trying to “Outdo” each other in appearance.

To attract as many players as possible, the developers use their imagination to depart from usual game themes and create a product with original characters and even a semblance of a plot.

But what about those who do not like slots? Bitcoin casinos offer indispensable attributes of traditional casino table games for such players.

The most common table games found in cryptocurrency casinos are:

  • Blackjack 
  • Roulette 
  • Dice games 
  • Baccarat 
  • Craps 

Usually, such kinds of games imitate real tables. Green cloth, cards, dice – depending on the game, the player sees a familiar layout.

Another attractive option, which appeared not such a long time ago but has already become very popular, is Live dealer games. 

These games are suitable for those who still appreciate the atmosphere of a physical casino but at the same time enjoy the comfort of Internet games. This type of game attracts its thrill, and even those who were initially skeptical of online gambling are now interested in this type of bitcoin game.

Are they the same games as everywhere else?

Not exactly. Of course, online casinos that work with Bitcoin offer you many games. But as we already know, they are all not too different from each other. But have you heard of online casinos that only work with Bitcoin? And if you’re looking for something new, a game you haven’t played before, then such casinos are definitely for you. They have an extensive assortment of new games, and you won’t find such games there on any other online casino site. These games are unique and designed specifically for Bitcoins usage.

Wagering on games with Bitcoin

Another advantage for bitcoin casino players is that every owner of cryptocurrencies can make a micro wager due to the possibility of dividing Bitcoin into 100 million units of change. It allows you to risk only small amounts of money.

Considering this fact, bitcoin casinos are available even for users with limited budgets or players who want to play a real game without spending large amounts.

Where can you play Bitcoin games online?

“Popular” does not always mean “the best”. Unfortunately, the validity of this rule has been confirmed in practice too many times. Cryptocurrency gambling is no exception. Because competent advertising can cover the disadvantages of some online casinos, while you are looking for a Bitcoin casino website, you should refer to reliable sources of information to avoid getting into an awkward situation.

Five portals with cryptocurrency games should be considered the best bitcoin casinos in 2022. Each site offers gamblers something unique and extraordinary. And several of them allow bitcoin betting on sports as well.

  • Fairspin Casino 

Each of the portals has the necessary license, and the provider games are tested for compliance with the standards of independent organizations.

Should I try playing games with Bitcoin?

All players, like all people, are different in their aspirations and desires. Some are ambitious and ready to reach new heights, while others are interested in trying their luck. Bitcoin casinos can meet the needs of everyone. Players are given a wide choice of games with different themes and styles, unique features, and, of course, the value of the winnings.

In cryptocurrency gambling, it is worth mentioning Provably Fair casino games. “Provably fair” applications have become almost a shtick of the best crypto casinos. Such machines increase confidence in the site and remove any questions related to the fairness of the results – after all, and the player can check the right of the game outcome with his own hands.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of advantages in trying to play in Bitcoin casinos. It all depends on your character, goals, and, importantly, your luck! 

May the latter always be with you.

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