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How To Earn Coins In New World

Gold in any MMORPG is the ultimate currency. How to farm it and how to maximize profits has always been the name of the game. New World is no different.

In New World, coin is the main currency, it allows the purchasing of upgrades, gear, and even properties. That’s why it’s best to farm as much coins as possible. Here are our tips on how to farm coins quickly and efficiently.


Questing in an MMO is the most basic way of making an income. New World’s quests range from:

  • Side quests
  • Town projects
  • Faction quests

All of these quests give about the same coins and experience, so choose either that you prefer. Using this as your only means of coins income would be inefficient. Instead, use questing as a guide for zones to farm in so that you can complete missions while gathering resources.

With all things, it comes down to efficiency. Complete quests while farming resources is the best way to make New World coins fast.


Gathering resources play a vital role in Amazon’s New World. As we touched on before, getting NW coins from questing is just not enough. Luckily gathering is quite an easy task since there are so many resources lying around.

New World has a particular focus on gathering resources. Since gathering resources is a time-consuming task, not many players wish to do it. Because of this, it creates a gap in the market to sell resources at a high volume.

Resources gathering comes in tiers, for example:

  • Low Tier Resources – Easily found and cheap on the marketplace. Things like low-level gear pieces or low-level resources will be in abundance.
  • Mid Tier Resources – This tier of resources is usually higher level than the previous tier. Things like higher-level armor pieces or resources will sell for a fair price on the marketplace.
  • Rare Tier Resources – This requires your character to be high level. Not just high level but also have skill levels with your crafting. Selling these items will be much more profitable.

Another mention for resource farming is the availability per resource on your server. Before you go out and farm a large number of resources, check what is sparse on the marketplace. Doing this will save you hours of farming the wrong materials. Remember, be productive with your time.


Traditionally, MMO RPGs have marketplaces or auction houses. Using these marketplaces generates large amounts of coins in New World for those who know how to play them. New World gives plenty of new options for these types of players, and here’s why

  • Each zone has a different marketplace.
  • Different resources are in abundance in these zones.

Now, let’s look a little more closely at that. Each zone is weak in some resources and strong in others, and on top of that, they have separate marketplaces. Farming resources in “Monarch’s Bluffs” and selling them in “Reekwater” will have great gold benefits. Essentially, you want to farm in one zone, and sell resources in another zone. Following this tip will be a major benefit to anyone wanting to farm New World coins.

New World is still early in development and things may change, but as it stands this is how most people are getting their in-game currency.

Selling Loot or Gear

Selling loot or gear is no different from any other MMO. You kill mobs, get rewards from quests and you sell those items to vendors. This strategy is very basic but can secure a tidy profit. As you level up, you can fight higher-level mobs that drop better gear to sell. Find a spot to farm, get some music and grind that gold.


Crafting is the late-game way of making money. The reason for this is because early-game crafting does not generate a lot of coins for New World. Leveling your crafting skill takes a long time but, it’s worth it in the long run.

As your level increases in a particular profession (blacksmithing, leatherworking, etc.) you will be able to craft high-level gear and items. These items that you craft will be able to sell for a tidy profit on each of the different marketplaces.

A useful tip for when New World launches is to rush a particular profession. If you can get your profession up fast you will have a lot of clients. Not only will you have plenty of clients, but you can also control the price of items. Rushing a profession, in the beginning, will be a recipe for gold flow.


Since New World has just finished its closed beta, information has been slow. These have been our useful tips on the current information known to the public on how best to make New World Coins. Day 1 patch may have changes and information may get released for more suitable ways to make New World coins. As always, remember to check out on best gold prices for New World, World of Warcraft, and many more. Best of luck on your gold farming adventures in New World!

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