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How Important Are Graphics in Modern Gaming?

The beginning of the 9th generation of gaming opened a new chapter for the industry, as modern hardware came with a promise to revolutionize the gaming world. Modern gaming systems are being designed in order to run extremely demanding titles and an area where players will notice a big difference is the quality of graphics. With consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X, pixels are becoming a thing of the past and the only way for gamers to play pixelated games is for them to try playing games one would categorize as “retro”.

With every generation of gaming, players are becoming more and more demanding, not only in terms of gameplay and storylines but also in terms of the graphics and the sound. Graphics are important no matter if one is playing Cel Shaded games such as Tiny Tina and Borderlands or top-notch resolution games such as Spider-Man Miles Morales and Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Games need to tick a number of user experience boxes in order for them to sell multiple copies and to generate enough profit for their studios.

The high quality of graphics is not a requirement that only applies to console games, but also to other types of video games. For example, high-end online casinos will always make sure that their casino games are of the highest quality, both in terms of graphics as well as in terms of functionality. The same more or less applies to every other type of video game. If gaming developers want to win the hearts of players, then they need to offer a quality gaming product, no matter if it is a browser-based puzzle game, a role-playing game that runs on a console or a slot game at an online casino application.

Does Gaming Technology Make a Big Difference in Gaming Graphics?

With every new generation of gaming, gaming devices become stronger, offering a much better user experience to players. However, there are cases where things do not change that much. A comparison between the PS4 and PS5 version of the highly anticipated Horizon Forbidden West, showed that the 8th generation console managed to run the game at a very similar level to that of PS5. The graphics were not of the same quality of course, but if one were to compare them frame for frame, then they would see that the differences were not that big.

Gaming Developers Get Things Wrong Sometimes

Creating a triple-A game is far from easy, especially in times when studios are struggling to meet the release date deadlines. In many cases, games are released prematurely, having both bug-related issues and graphics quality issues. The most recent example of such a gaming disaster is Cyberpunk 2077. Two years and several patches after its initial release, Cyberpunk is still not at 100%. The gaming experience has improved immensely, but if you ask a gaming expert if they would recommend purchasing a Cyberpunk 2077 copy, then probably, the answer you will get is “not yet”. For gaming fans, Cyberpunk’s issues are considered the second biggest disappointment after Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In the case of FF7 Remake, the disappointment was an outcome of the time it took Square Enix to release the game. However, when the remake was released, everything was running smoothly.

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