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How Gamers Make Money

Gaming has become an industry that mainly involves adults playing games as a profession. Below are some ways gamers make money from playing.


One of the ways how professional gamers and streamers make money is through sponsorships. Due to the rising popularity of esports players and streamers, they became more relevant to the public. It allows them to attract companies and sizable fanbases to sponsor them, even if these entities are not related to esports.

Sports drink brands, beverages, and the biggest computer companies offer sponsorships to high-profile teams and players. As a return, the latter will endorse, use, and feature the product of their sponsors on their streams and social media.

Prize money

The oldest way of earning money in gaming is to acquire the prize money by winning the competition. A participating professional gamer receives a piece of the prize pool if they land on a place high enough in a competition, quite similar to traditional sports like tennis or golf. Single-player games are more often to have prize pools. However, prize pools in team tournaments, such as Dota 2’s The International, are usually shared among the players who played on the organization’s behalf.

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There are big esports teams that guarantee salaries for their players. These organizations also lead many gaming industry trends that promote a better quality of life for their players. Aside from salaries, some big esports leagues provide their players with retirement plans and health benefits.

A guaranteed salary was a tremendous relief for professional gamers who had previously relied only on prize money to make a life. For this reason, players may now concentrate on doing well in tournaments, no longer worrying about the added burden of possibly losing money. Instead of being a primary source of income, prize money was now an added benefit if a team won.


For players who don’t want to participate in esports competitions, streaming is the most popular alternative to make a living. While streaming has developed to encompass in-real-life (IRL) activities such as watching movies, cooking, or simply chatting, gaming was undoubtedly the origin of this quickly developing sector. Also, it continues to account for a sizable amount of overall traffic on streaming sites.

Competitive esports athletes who want to increase their earning potential can also use streaming, with individuals on teams frequently streaming outside of team-mandated practice or after the season is ended.


Like Twitch, YouTube opens a wide range of possibilities for gamers to earn money. Posting VOD content is one way many gamers make a living through the content they create. Professional gamers play for eight to ten hours in one session and edit it into a 10- to 20-minute VOD. It allows their fans to watch the game of their favorite players when they are not available to watch it in real-time.

Bottom Line

The gaming industry continually evolves, and its opportunities for professional and non-professional players are expanding in symmetry. It includes the earning potential of players.

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