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A Guide to Betting on League of Legends

League of Legends is easily one of the biggest, if not the biggest esport in the world. There are not only millions of people playing the game but there are also many millions who watch the competitive scene. With the multitude of different leagues all around the world and their World Championships, this game is absolutely massive and becoming a part of everyday culture. Now people may be wondering, how can they get involved and make some money betting without knowing anything about the game? Well luckily here is a quick three-step guide to betting on League of Legends.

1. Look at it Similarly to Traditional Sports

Many individuals who bet, do so on sports like Baseball, Basketball or Football. This is because not only have they grown up with these teams but they understand records and streaks of certain teams. In many ways, League of Legends is the same way. Just look at betting on esports in the same way one would bet on sports.

Bettors may not want to do research into how each player plays when on a certain champion and whether that champion is relevant. There are many reasons for this but mainly it is because betting stops before champions are even picked. Instead, people should look at how the team is performing against certain teams or players. Just like in traditional sports, if a team has a great record against a certain team or against certain players, then that could be enough to bet on.

Also if a team is on a horrible losing streak that can drive up the odds against them. Look to cash in on a lower bet but gaining a higher reward if they are facing a team that is also struggling or one that has been inconsistent. This is again very similar to traditional sports, while the odds may not say so, understanding streaks and trends can be enough to get by on League of Legends betting.

2. Don’t Bet on New Patch Releases

One thing to be aware of is that League of Legends is an ever-changing game. While the base game of beat an opponent to destroy their base is the same, between the items, champions and more, there are a lot of changes. Normally Riot Games will release a new patch to the game every two weeks or so but normally the pro players will play on the same patch for about a month straight.

Checking the patch schedule to see when new patches are dropping and matching them with what patch the League one is betting on can be extremely important. If there is a new patch then every game can be a toss-up. While this may be good for some people, most will want to shy away. This is because games, outside of the best team facing the worst, can be extremely unpredictable.

Also, make sure to see how a team one has liked betting on fares during the first week or two of the patch. If they are able to succeed and in dominant fashion and it is against at least decent opposition then they might be worth riding out. If not, then it could be time to look for a brand new team.

3. Watch or Listen to League Specific Podcasts

While there may not be many if any League of Legends betting podcasts, there are podcasts specific to each major League in League of Legends. The Dive for the North American LCS and EUphoria for Europe are specifically some of the best. Not only can they help someone understand the game better but they are also very blunt on how good or bad the teams are.

There are times that they are wrong like everyone can be but they are truly the experts. They have a good idea of not only who is performing well when on stage but also who is doing well in practice. This is pretty exclusive knowledge considering scimms, as they are called, are not known to the public. This type of insider information can be enough to give someone the edge when betting on certain teams.

Again while they are not perfect in their personal predictions, it is the overall knowledge of the individuals on these podcasts. They are casters and have to know a lot about every player and every team to even get to where they are. Take advantage of their knowledge and listening while walking, cutting the grass or on the way to work.

3.5. Just Get Into League of Legends

This is a short one because not everyone has time to dive into a game like League of Legends. It can take years and hundreds of hours to be good at the game and even then, people can still be pretty bad. But just playing the game enough to have a better understanding of how it works can be a significant advantage. If one has the time to try a new game and they truly want to have the best chances of winning their bets, they should download League of Legends, as it is completely free, and give it a whirl.

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