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Getting Into Esports: What Do You Need to Know as A Beginner?

The name may have come up a few times in your lifetime, but if you are not sure what it is, eSports is one of those popular activities that just about anyone can partake in, for entertainment purposes, or as a potential source of some extra revenue. 

Simply put, it is a video gaming sport with an assortment of games and is played by millions of people who aim to become good enough to play on the biggest and best stages. It boasts over 100 million fans worldwide. If you compare it to the traditional forms of sports, eSports can undoubtedly outperform field sports. 

The great thing about it is that there are professional eSports gamers who make a killing when it comes to playing what’s on offer and winning. This is because of the option to join the various eSports tournaments online and play against many competitors throughout the globe for free prizes or cash.  

Some of the highest-paid esports players in the world as of March 2021 include Jonah Sundstein from Denmark, who has earned over 6 million US dollars in his gaming career. In any case, if you’re not keen on this reason and want to play for the entertainment value of it, which is just as lucrative, keep reading and we will tell you to know, you as a beginner, can begin.

What Types of Games Are Played

In the category of the types of games played under the eSports umbrella, you can play anything from strategy games to multiplayer online battle games or MOBA and also RTG or real-time strategy games or RTS. In addition, you have a choice of playing FPS or first-person shooter games as well as fighting games. No matter which type you choose, they will all require a specific set of skills, quick reflexes and teamwork.

Popular RTS games on eSports include Warcraft III and StarCraft II. However, in terms of popularity, the MOBA games are the most viewed and played. Much like the casino online games of nowadays, it’s all about the thrill of it. 

The sounds, actions, entertainment value and the chance to win cash prizes and free turns into tournaments are just some of the attractive qualities people go for. Some of the games are played in teams, opposing another team, and others are done individually. 

Playing the Games

The set-up is very similar to that of traditional games, with a commentator keeping us Up to date on what’s happening. The matches are broadcasted live as well and millions of fans watch them either on Facebook, YouTube or Twitch TV. It is just like the Olympics or the NFL.

It is a uniquely structured system and players organize themselves before a game. They run and regulate the games according to leagues and tournaments and have different seasons per game. Teams compete with each other for several rounds until elimination.

As a viewer, you can bet on any game and team and place wagers on any of the popular players according to their skills and popularity.


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