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GameCo Makes Esports Betting Easier Than Ever

as gambling in Esports becomes more prominent, especially now when Michigan legalized online betting and gambling, people will be looking for ways to make betting easier.

This is especially true as the number of places that allow for esports betting are very limited. Luckily, GameCo has new technology that is going to make esports betting easier than ever before.

First sites to offer sports and traditional betting lines in Michigan are set to go live in January 2021.

For many people, esports betting is still new to them and they may not know exactly where to find places to bet or what the odds are in general. GameCo’s new “Plug-and-Play” technology allows for bettors to jump right into the action. It is a computer overlay that will allow for people to not only watch the game, but also make bets in real-time.

Real-Time Betting

The examples of this show that players can bet as each map or round occurs. This means that not only are people able to bet on who wins overall, but they can also make micro-bets within the games themselves on each round or map. All of this can be done while watching the games as well. They have an integrated format that allows for one to jump right into the games as they are being played. This allows you to get a feel for everything that is happening in the game as bets are made. For those who are looking to dive into esports betting, there is not a better platform than what has been created at GameCo. The site is not yet live in Michigan. 

Their platform is also able to accommodate a plethora of different esports. These include CSGO, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Starcraft 2, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, Rocket League and even games like NBA 2K and Heroes of the Storm. Without a doubt, this platform has more games than any other to bet on.

How Did This Come Together?

Players have GameCo’s new partnerships with data platform GRID, oddsmakers 10Star and software developer Askott Entertainment to thank for everything that is offered. The combination of their different technologies has come together to make this new platform.

What is even better is that this is the only fully managed platform that is allowed in US markets for those who want to bet in esports. This means that people are actually able to make their bets in the US or still outside of it as well if they do not live here.

As the US becomes more open and accustomed to sports betting, esports betting will be rising faster than people can keep up with.  This is why GameCo and their partners created this platform. They understand the importance of jumping on the trend as soon as possible and want to offer the best esports betting solution in the world.

GameCo Esports Platform

In conclusion, this is a brand new platform that will be perfect for bettors as 2020 ends and 2021 begins. With the League of Legends series coming back in January for most of their leagues, tournaments starting back up and the Overwatch and CoD league’s starting in early spring, US fans will be primed to start checking out esports betting, also in Michigan where betting is legal in 2021. There is no better time for bettors to start getting into esports betting and using GameCo will allow them to do it seamlessly.

This is a paid guest post.

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