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Gambling as a Sports Competition for Real Money

Sports events don’t necessarily include athletes. After all, we had chess competitions for years, and today we have eSports. Meaning, it’s really about skill and competing against other exceptional competitors. However, can we have gambling as a sports competition, given how those games don’t exactly rely on skill? The answer is, we can, as there are tournaments in casino games. So, let’s explore this a bit deeper and offer some interesting insights that you possibly weren’t aware of.

Poker Tournaments   

Poker is a combination of luck and skill, much like some of the other examples that we will go over later on. This is one of the most popular casino games and all of the bedste casino for rigtige penge or the best casinos for real money, offer poker. Players love them because there is no house edge, you play only against others, and casinos often host tournaments. Players can practice online, apply to participate and maybe qualify for the finals of the World Series of Poker. Online casinos often offer bonuses that players can use to have more resources at the poker table. 

Trading Card Games

There are lots of tournaments involving card games, and this is one of the hobbies that brings people of all ages together. One of the most popular TCG titles is Magic the Gathering, and over the past decade, it has become quite a hit. Now, these cards are sold in toy stores, but in some countries, tournaments are categorized as gambling. This is because winners get real money rewards, and as a result, you need to be over 18 to enter. It is also a game of skill, but luck plays an important factor here as well, which is probably why it is viewed as gambling.   

Arcade Casino Games

Although there are currently no international tournaments in this discipline, there are other games at a casino where people can compete. One great example is Pac-Man Battle, where 4 players are having a battle royale all while trying to evade ghosts that are chasing them. We might see more games that are adapted for casino play in a similar way, but the older gaming tournaments looked exactly like this. Players competing who will have the best high score or eliminate the competition. Given how eSports are sports, there is no reason for these events not to be categorized as such. 


As you can see there are technically gambling competitions aside from poker. Playing against other users is something that young people really love nowadays, especially when it comes to online games. So, casinos could possibly attract more clients, simply by innovating in this area and creating more video games like experiences that are adapted as casino games, and that allows pliers to compete. 

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