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Fortnite On A Handset? 7 Features to Look For


Fortnite took the world by storm when the company released an app for Android. However, just because it’s available on handsets doesn’t mean you’ll be able to download it easily. Your tab or phone needs to come with specific specs. These will influence whether or not playing it would be possible and if it would make for the most immersive experience. Read on to find out more.


To truly immerse yourself in the game, an adequate display is needed. The biggest phone out there is around 7 inches. Of course, you won’t get an interactive experience with a handset as you would on a large computer screen. However, mobiles come with superb panels. Samsung offers its Super AMOLEDs even on more affordable units. Just take a look at the Galaxy M31.

Tablets offer large screens which can go up to 13 inches. The majority of them come with IPS LCD panels which don’t always pack a punch– more flagship options would rock OLED.


A large display is more immersive, as we have established. However, great speakers take things to the next level. Having the best speakers when playing Fortnite is crucial as there are concerts on it regularly. Whether you attend the event held by Travis Scott or not, you would have heard of it. Epic Games are planning more of these in the future, so pick a device with good bass and get ready.

If you look around, you’ll find phones with loud panels. However, they’re overshadowed by tabs. Don’t forget that manufacturers specifically build tabs with gaming and entertainment in mind.

What Lenovo did with the Yoga Tab 3 is a good example. Not only does it come with JBL speakers, but there are Dolby Atmos speakers as well. As you can imagine, it’s one of the best gaming tablets due to its surround-sound experience. It will make you feel like you’re in the world of Fortnite.


You don’t need a powerful GPU. Epic Games suggests the following or higher:

  • Adreno 530
  • Mali-G71 MP20
  • Mali-G72 MP12

GPU influences how smooth your gameplay would be. It is in charge of your frame rate. The three options mentioned work by adjusting your memory, creating images in an efficient buffer. Without a good GPU, graphics would look pixelated and get stuck.

As you can imagine, the more expensive handsets come with the best units. The Samsung Tab S7+ and Samsung S20 5G rock the beastly Qualcomm Adreno 650 while the M31, which we discussed earlier, houses the Mali-G72 MP3.


It shouldn’t surprise you that the game requires a lot of space. Not only is the app huge, but it regularly downloads updates. If your handset doesn’t have much storage, running an extensive game would slow it down.

So, how much space does it take? Around 3 GB. If your device doesn’t have the best ROM, it hopefully has a MicroSD slot. You’ll be able to expand its storage by almost double this amount.

Tablets don’t come carrier-locked, unfortunately, but phones do. Carriers like Cricket Wireless and Verizon add bloatware. They’re applications that are alternatives to those provided by Google. You can’t uninstall them, either. If you purchase a 64 GB phone, the alternative apps would reduce its space to around 50.


RAM is not that important to gaming. If you have around 3 GB you can play almost any game. For Fortnite, we’re on the fence about how much you’d need. 3 gigs would work fine but 4 takes things over the top. You might think of splurging, as newer devices come with up to 8 GB. But as you know, that’s not needed.

Why do you need 3-4 gigs? For starters, it would help you load games more effectively. They affect how swift your OS would be too. You’ll be able to move between Fortnite and other apps quickly. More importantly, your phone will be able to access data quicker when there’s more RAM. With a below adequate amount, there would be a bad frame rate.

Unlike ROM, you can’t expand RAM. As mentioned, some tabs are more suitable for gaming, and they usually come with a lot of RAM.

IOS vs Android

Are you an Apple fanboy? If you are, we have some bad news for you. You won’t be able to install Fortnite on an iPhone. It was available once, though, not anymore.

Apple terminated Epic Games’ developer account due to legal reasons. There have been several articles focusing on this topic and it made headlines. Sadly, iOS and iPadOS devices that were lucky enough to download the app on time are hard to come by, as they’re being sold for thousands of dollars.

Android Version

Now that you know Fortnite can only be installed on Android, keep in mind that not all OS versions work with it. Epic Games developed the app with Android 8 or higher in mind.

This shouldn’t be a problem. You won’t find a tab or phone released recently that doesn’t come with the OS. Just take a look at the Galaxy A01. It’s super affordable and was released this year. It also comes with Android 10. The Teclast P10SE, which is a very affordable tab has it too.

Be mindful of handsets with Android Go, though. They’re versions of the OS that have been minimalized and are not powerful enough to run the application.

Final Thoughts

If you want to play Fortnite on a handset, it won’t match the experience you’ll have with a PC. However, if you pick a good one, it will come with great specs, improving your enjoyment of the game.

You need a large display for this, and tablets have your back. That being said, only more expensive models come with vibrant panels. Meanwhile, even cheaper phones offer this. The Galaxy M31 rocks Super AMOLED. Of course, the speakers play a huge role too. Gaming tabs usually come with Dolby Atmos, and you’ll feel like you’re in the world of Fortnite.

Display and sound will affect how well you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the game. GPU, RAM, and the Android version you use will determine whether you can run it. This is a paid post.

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