This most recent Nintendo Direct not only showed gamers the Fire Emblem Engage release date but also potentially confirms that the title’s leaks were real.

The Trailer

Fire Emblem Engage is set to release on January 20, 2023. As stated by Nintendo. Fire Emblem Engage will focus on a whole new protagonist named Alear known as the “Divine Dragon”. There is a war against the Fell Dragon and Alear must collect Emblem Rings scattered across the world to bring peace back to the Continent of Elyos. In the trailer, it appears that the Emblem Rings lets players call the aid of past Fire Emblem heroes such as Marth and Celica. Aspects of Fire Emblem Three Houses can be seen as well.

The Leaks

Readers should understand that what they are about to view is only considered a leak. Any information presented is only alleged and has not been confirmed by the publishers or developers of the game themselves.

Fire Emblem Engage was first leaked back in June, with photos of the protagonist’s hairstyle, special classes, and other side characters.

The initial leaks were shared in r/anime’s discord server by “Rønin”. Rønin shared details about the game, which were compiled by Reddit user Is_J_a_Name in the r/fireemblem thread. Assuming that what Rønin discovered is factual here’s what else players can expect before the Fire Emblem Engage release date.

  • The game revolves around some sort of Ring
  • Lords from past games can be summoned
  • Multiplayer with Online PVP and Co-op missions
  • The game will have one route (unlike the recent entries that have route splits)
  • The game’s central hub is smaller in size (Writer’s Note: doesn’t mention if this is in reference to Three Houses, which had a large hub)
  • Possible character names: Diamant (the name of this game’s prince), Louie (a tank), and Yunaka (a rogue)
  • There are unique classes in this game: Princess, Tamer, Gold Knight, and Prince are mentioned. (Clarified with labeling the character Support image)

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