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Everything To Know About WWE 2K22

Within a two-year hiatus, fans were promised a WWE title that would revitalize the series from the travesty that was WWE 2K20. It would be a title that would include a new game engine, and be accompanied by new features such as MyGM. This brings up the question, should fans pick up WWE 2K22? Will this new installment be the series redemption arc or will it be a repeat offender filled with false promises? To answer that here’s everything to know about WWE 2K22.


The first noticeable difference about WWE 2K22 is its presentation. With the help of an all-new visual effects engine, the graphics in this game are very well polished allowing superstars to look the most realistic they’ve ever been in this franchise. Granted the game has undergone two years’ worth of development so it’s to be expected but that doesn’t negate how slick and clean the game is. Throughout the matches, players will also witness new camera angles and unique environments giving players an authentic experience. In comparison to past titles, it’s obvious that graphically this game has made major improvements.

 Everything To Know About WWE 2K22

New Gameplay Engine/Controls

Graphics aren’t the only thing that has gotten a rework done. New gameplay mechanics have been built from the ground up and can be easily seen with the first few matches played. The traditional grappling system has been replaced with something requiring a bit more skill. WWE 2K22 is the first in the series to actually possess a combo system. Players have no need to panic as they’re not expected to pull off any Street Fighter or Tekken-like combos. These combos are only strings of light and heavy attacks. When performed correctly wrestlers will perform devastating grapple or strike moves.

Everything To Know About WWE 2K22

Reversals play an even more pivotal role in this installment. Almost anything can be reversed by playing a game of rock paper scissors with their opponent. While a prompt at times will still show up at times players can now reverse by pressing the same attack button as their opponent. In addition, a block button and even dodges were added. It may take players a few games to familiarize themselves with these new changes however it does great for adding the element of variety to the series making it feel more like a fighting game.


MyCareer has also gone through a new makeover now being dubbed MyRise. This game mode introduces two independent stories, one for male superstars and one for female superstars. Starting out with their created character players can choose between four different story backgrounds. While they do offer different stat boosts for players’ characters they also change up certain dialogue and events within their playthrough.

  • MMA
    • Arm Power +5%
    • Leg Power +5%
    • Technical Submission Defense +10%
  • Indie Talent
    • Aerial Offense +10%
    • Grapple Reversal +5%
    • Finisher +5%
  • Pro Athlete
    • Agility +5%
    • Body Durability +10%
    • Grapple Offense +5%

Everything To Know About WWE 2K22

Within MyRise players will be able to choose which three brands they want to work for, NXT, Raw, or Smackdown. Players arent limited to sticking to one brand and will be given the option to switch if they wish. In each of the brands, players will encounter various events, some depending on their reputation status, heel, or face. After each event is completed players can upgrade their created superstar with attribute points earned for future matches.


MyFaction is a franchise first in the series. Comparable to the concept of Ultimate Teams or even WWE Supercard MyFaction lets players build a faction of WWE Superstars to compete in challenges and missions. Players can collect and upgrade their earned superstars to build their best and ideal lineup.


Since WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2008 MyGM has not been seen in any future installment of the series. That is until WWE 2K22. Players need to understand that changes have been made to the game mode. The fact that players are put in charge of Raw, Smackdown, NXT remains untouched. The same can be said about how they can still draft a roster of WWE Superstars and Legends.

There are certain downgrades that have been made since 2008. WWE 2K22 feels like it put more limitations on the feature. Match cards held for shows are capped at three instead of the traditional six. The only title belt options that superstars can compete for are the men’s and women’s titles. Finally, there are limitations on the certain types of matches you can do. While the game mode undoubtedly received a facelift it will not feel the same as it once did almost 14 years ago.

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