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EA Sports Says Goodbye to FIFA Series

Rumors have long been that EA Sports plans to end the FIFA series. And for many football fans, it’s a real shock. However, in reality, everything is not so clear-cut. And in the future, the company plans to release something like a sequel, but with a different name.

History of the FIFA Series

The first game in the series was in 1999, and it has really made a lot of noise in the industry for all these years. There was also a big push for the development of football simulations. The game has been released for so long that at the time of the release of the first series, no one had even heard of such things as. Nowadays, users can find such games on different platforms, for instance, in online casino in canada.

Even though the FIFA series of games may be losing the competition to PES, it still remains a favourite football simulator for many users. It seems that it will never lose its relevance and can be compared to fans of mobile phones from Apple or those released by Samsung. These people can endlessly argue which one is better and never come up with any solution. But the obvious cannot be denied: FIFA has done a lot to popularize football simulations.

What Should be Expected Next?

The network already has information that the game will be renamed and called EA Sports FC. Nevertheless, there is no information that could confirm it. In any case, fans will be able to enjoy the new creation from EA Sports in the future. FIFA has also announced that it intends to release its football simulator and continue the series. So, a new competitor may appear in the niche of football simulators over time. Football and gaming fans are definitely waiting for something new to have fun!

It’s worth noting that if the user is a loyal fan of the EA Sports FIFA series, they will still have the opportunity to play the new game. The thing is that the agreement between the football regulatory authorities and the development company ends in 2023. So next year, the world will see another game that will be the final part of the series. And it will end during the women’s football world championship. It means that players do not have to get upset ahead of time. Moreover, a lot of the newest high-quality games appear, so players will never feel bored.

The Biggest Intrigue: Why Did It Happen?

According to non-official information, EA Sports is closing its brainchild because the license right from FIFA is costly. And even though the company is quite large, its owners do not want to overpay a massive amount of money for the brand. And at the moment, they have only announced the game’s release in 2023.

But in fact, no one knows what caused such a decision. Maybe the reason is that the company has been receiving a lot of criticism lately because it cannot offer anything new for sophisticated players. And in the last few years, the game didn’t change and didn’t get any new exciting features or additions.

In such a scenario, the company faces requests from players, asking to make the game more innovative and exciting. And if the developer cannot afford any changes or doesn’t want to do them, the best decision would be to leave the market not to lose their credibility in the end.

Such dramatic changes in the football simulation industry will most likely be able to push developers to release something new and exciting for sports and gaming fans. Until now, the market has long been divided between the two companies. And that kind of shock is a push for young developers to start creating something new that will replace the products that have disappeared and invent games that are even more interesting.

In a nutshell, this series will remain a pleasant memory for many users. Moreover, thousands of people will definitely continue playing it while it’s still available. Well, the main thing is to wait until 2023 and enjoy the release of the latest games!

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