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Demand for Online Gambling Sparks Wave of E-Gaming Innovation

In the past few years, the demand for online gambling increased significantly, which affected the whole gambling industry. Moreover, it sparked a wave of different online gaming innovations. The incredible technological advancements and the high demand for esports betting as well as other forms of online gambling, made the e-gaming industry expand rapidly.

The advancements and innovations in this industry followed, making this industry a vast market. In addition, the popularity is growing, as well as the number of consumers, and the revenue is skyrocketing.

In case you want to learn about some of the most recent e-gaming innovations, check them out below.

Real money gaming emerged

Once the popularity of e-gaming started to rise and the gamers community rose, the opportunity to monetize it all somehow emerged. Besides, once real money playing appeared as well as esports betting, more consumers were attracted to the industry.

Let us not forget the 2020 demand for online entertainment and especially esports betting, due to the lack of available sports betting markets.

What is more fun than playing the games you love, competing and earning money from it? Plus, the live streaming services such as Twitch that appeared provided a lot more opportunity to fellow gamers.

All of it made the e-gaming industry very profitable in the eyes of casino and sportsbook operators, which simply had to take the matter into their own hands.

Greater focus on mobile experience

The demand for remote gambling had a great influence on the mobile casino and mobile gaming industry, as well. With the prices for mobile devices going down and mobile technology advancing, playing games and betting on phones and tablets became a standard.

Only in 2020, the number of smartphone users grew to 3.5 billion, which is 0.8 billion more than in 2019. Even if e-gaming is predominantly associated with PCs, mobile esports games and competitions are an innovation that is starting to develop.

Additionally, the mobile optimization of mobile gaming sites and new online casino made a range of games available for mobile users who prefer playing via the browser.

Not to mention that the demand for online gambling affected the quality of mobile games making them much better and similar to PC games.

Integration of AI

The benefits of artificial intelligence or AI to almost any industry are endless. And even if the accessible AI technology is not that futuristic and omnipotent as we would like it to be, it can be quite useful.

Facial recognition technology has a lot of benefits for both the e-gaming players and developers. Learning and gathering data from the user experience and 3D scanning is something that can be quite useful for the iGaming and e-Gaming collab.

If the developers and esports betting operators want to analyze what type of games provide the most entertainment to the users, toxicity detection of AI technology can be used. AI software can detect emotions from a player’s mannerism.

Also, many gaming sites started using AI to offer solutions to their players via customer support. Plus, the games can get game recommendations based on their earlier activity.

Innovative Graphics

The demand for more entertainment options and gambling options pushed the e-gaming industry into a more “luxurious universe”. Once upon a time, 8-bit graphics were a standard in the industry, but as the technology evolved and the iGaming is merging with e-Gaming, things started to change. Cutting edge graphic advancements made the games look more realistic than ever.

Now, gamers, as well as spectators and bettors, can enjoy the experience in fully rendered worlds where the textures are photorealistic. Increased playability with better graphic quality simply makes participation seem more realistic.

Cloud Computing and Gaming

With everything switching to online, it was only a matter of time when cloud gaming will emerge. Especially in the era where remote playing and gambling has become a standard – this was bound to happen. This innovation made e-gaming accessible and convenient for everyone.

There is no need for powerful hardware, better consoles, and additional memory when everything could be operated via clouds. Now this almost limitless enormous server stores the games and the images are streamed via the Internet to the user’s screen.

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