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Dark Matter Hyper-K Ultralight Gaming Mouse Review

Don’t look now, but the holiday season is fast approaching and people are slowly crafting their wish lists. Family and friends are scouring the web in hopes to find some of the best deals around. Tech presents are always top priority thanks to everyone needing to work from home full-time. That’s why it’s always important to find quality products for a great price. Luckily for new tech buyers, there is a great option at an even better price when it comes for gaming mice. The Dark Matter Hyper-K Ultralight mouse is an incredible option for those looking to grab a gaming mouse without breaking the bank. Here is the TGH Dark Matter Hyper-K Ultralight gaming mouse review.

Dark Matter Mouse Review
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This mouse does everything a person needs for a proper gaming experience. The mouse comes with six preset DPI options. Each DPI comes with a different color to indicate the setting of the mouse at any given time. The cord is a great length at 1.8 meters, ensuring that this wired mouse can reach any spot on a tower. As a whole, this mouse performs perfectly for everyday use in both work and gaming.

As with most wired mice, there is no noticeable delay between input and action. This is key in high-speed games where precision mouse movements are necessary. For those who aren’t used to lighter mice, there could some amount of getting used to the quicker movements that are offered by ultralight mice.

Overall Feel

When a product is sold with the premise of being  “ultralight”, it is usually the first thing a buyer will notice when they open the box. The Hyper-K is truly one of the lightest mice out there sitting at a weightless 60g. The mesh-style build of the mouse keeps the structural integrity without weighing it down. It glides across the mousepad without any issues and overall feels great as a lighter mouse option.

The size of the mouse feels good for the average hand using any type of grip. Though if a person does have a bit of a larger palm, it could be a bit small and uncomfortable. The DPI button in between the right and left click is subtle and hard to accidentally hit. For game players in high-pressure situations, don’t worry about shooting the DPI suddenly in a hectic moment.

Potentially the best thing about this mouse is the sound and feel of the clicks. Other mice at this price range can feel flimsy or tacky. The Hyper-K does not have that issue and users will love to know that the lightweight option doesn’t sacrifice any of the classic feel of an average mouse. Though the side buttons feel a bit weak, as a whole the mouse feels solid.


The highlight of this mouse is its price tag. At a reasonable $40, this mouse offers all of the benefits of a premier gaming mouse at a much more manageable price. The Dark Matter Ultralight is an incredible value at its price point.


Overall this is a great mouse for all walks of computer life. Whether it be gaming, work or just online shopping, this mouse is a perfect gift for anyone looking to upgrade their desktop setup. Highly recommend grabbing the Hyper-K Ultralight for anyone this holiday season.

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