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Could Online Slots be the Future of Slots?

Everything is able to be done online these days. Whether it is shopping, buying food, doing taxes or playing games, the online world is constantly growing. Now games that were always played in casinos are being played online. This includes poker, blackjack and even slots. The question becomes, are online slots the future over slots in the casino?


The first thing players would think about and want to know is whether the gameplay is drastically different online? A simple answer is not really. In fact, the gameplay may be better due to the numerous things that can be done online compared to in a machine that is only built for slots. As long as someone has the ability to get online, they can play any themed slots they want. Also, all the sounds, lights and images that people like are still there is not better as well.

There is really nothing all that different. Players are basically just taking looking at one screen for another. The biggest difference could be where some slots in the casino have two screens. One for interactive play and the other for the actual slots. Overall though, this is minor as most online slots can have this, it just happens on the one screen and then they change.

The Feel

The biggest difference that can be argued for online and offline slots is the feel. Some players are very superstitious. So the way they pull levers or press buttons can definitely sway them towards offline. These individuals believe that if they do something a certain way and find luck, that they need to continue that. While there are some similar mechanics in online slots, they just aren’t the same for this particular crowd.

There are also individuals who are very much about pulling the lever specifically. This is their favorite part and that feel is definitely something that online slots do not have. Also, they enjoy the feel of people watching them and getting hyped with them as they win. While friends or family might be able to do that online, it is just not the same as the rush of being around other people.

Ease of Access

Of everything that has been mentioned, this is by far and away the biggest and most important argument for why online slots are the future. Having the ease of access to look around and find the best slot sites available is a breeze. Most of the time, if someone wants to play a Star Wars slot or Lord of the Rings slot, it is very easy to just look it up and start playing.

There are even apps now that are just dedicated to slots. It is very easy for people to just sign up and play. These websites and apps are allowing for anyone and everyone to jump on and play. The appeal to do it at home or get a couple of games in on the bus to work is something that casinos will not be able to ever truly combat. It is for this reason that it looks like online slots are truly the future.

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