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Comparison of Esports to the Classic Sports Industry

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What exactly is Esports? The innovative game genre is captivating players’ imagination all over the world? Sports betting is trying to predict sports results and betting on their outcome. The majority of betting is for soccer, American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, cycling, motor racing. You can also bet on martial arts, boxing and wrestling at an amateur or professional level. Sports betting companies extend offers to non-athletic events like reality show contests and the presidential elections. Non-human sports like horse racing, greyhound racing, and even underground cockfighting are prevalent. It is not uncommon for betting websites to offer betting options for events like the Grammy Awards, the Film Academy Awards and the Emmys. Sports bettors tend to place wagers through a bookmaker or sportsbook. The word “book” is a direct reference to books wage brokers used to track bets, payouts, and outstanding debts.

Esports – What the Difference?

Esports thrives in a competitive environment. Players use their unique skills against each other and winning a tournament is the ultimate accolade. Ever since computer gaming consoles appeared a few decades ago, players have been captivated. The only way to play against other players back then was to sit in front of one game console. The internet and WiFi changed all that. Today you can play against anyone wherever they are in the world. Not all gamers play against another person; however, that trend is on the rise. Many players are casual gamers and prefer to play alone.

Betting on Esports

There are several options for Esports betting. You can bet with real money, and other bet types include Skin Betting, Social Betting, Fantasy Betting and also Challenge Betting. Real cash betting is betting on sports events and games. You place a wager, and if your call is correct, you are paid back in kind at the predetermined odds. You can bet on Esports games and tournaments. Skin betting is popular among Esports fans. Many games have virtual currencies or coins you can exchange with other players. There are dedicated websites that operate as virtual currency exchanges. Players can transfer, sell or buy currency. You can also redeem them for sought-after video games. There are betting sites where eSport players can use their currencies to wager on the site. The coins can be used to wager on Esports contests and instead of real money.

Types of Bets

Social Betting is when online contacts or friends make informal wagers among themselves. The bets may be for Skins, real money, or other items of value. That form of betting isn’t recommended as there isn’t a safety net if your opponent refuses to pay you the promised winnings. Fantasy Betting isn’t technically betting. In reality, it is fantasy betting with rosters structured using Esports players. Challenge Betting is also called head-to-head wagering. Players compete with one another for the winnings, which could be Skins, cash or other items of value. In this instance, the players agree among themselves regarding the settlement. The most popular form of betting is real money stakes, which offer the most substantial chances of gaining a healthy profit and lucrative return.

Esports Betting Strategy

To bet successfully on Esports, you should understand the rules of the games. That way, you can make informed betting decisions. You don’t need to be an expert; however, a basic understanding of the games gives you better chances of success. Many Esports games are international. The most prominent are League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six. You should become familiar with the structure of the contests, tournaments and competitions, as that is where the best betting options are.

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