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Casino Games on the PS5 – Here Are Some Predictions

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While esports might be your main thing, playing video games on a console is a close second for many. After watching your favorite esports team or player battle it out on the latest game, it is always fun to give it a try out yourself at home. Anyone who follows consoles knows that the Xbox and PlayStation are still the kings of the hill. This makes late 2020 a very exciting time, as both Sony and Microsoft are due to release their newly updated Xbox and PlayStation machines then.

But what can we expect from Sony’s new PS5 machine in terms of gaming spec and titles to play?

Online slots show popularity of genre

Many expect the bosses at Sony, which is behind the PS5, to look at launching some casino-based video games for the console or somehow incorporate gambling into PS5 titles. If you think that this is a little surprising, you only have to look at how popular online casinos are with players. Online slots certainly seem attractive to people who love their mixture of fun, chance and cool themes. If you have not already played at top online slot machine sites, click here to find out more. To give more context to how popular online gambling is globally, the sector is expected to generate $59.79bn in revenue this year.

But how does this relate to upcoming releases on the PS5?

In order to attract players who enjoy this sort of game, it seems likely Sony will look at launching titles that cater to this need. By doing so, they can broaden the appeal of the new console and hopefully sell more units over time. As the online casino sector is so vibrant, it also allows Sony to take some of this glamour and attach it to their new consoles’ public image. Of course, this type of game needs plenty of processing power to run – but Sony have this covered.

Plenty of power under the hood for PS5

The PS5 is expected to drop around holiday time in 2020 and to be priced somewhere around the $500 mark. The specs on this machine look very good, with an eight-core AMD Zen 2 CPU, 16GB of GDDR6 memory and a powerful RDNA 2 AMD GPU. As well as it being a hit with players at home, you could imagine that when it is released, players such as CoreJJ from Team Liquid will begin using the new console in esports tournaments.

CoreJJ interview
Image from LoL Esports Flickr

As we have already touched on above, the real secret to any PS5 success is the range of games it will carry. This is no different to a sector such as professional video gaming, which uses popular esports gaming genres to appeal to fans and players. But just how could casino-based games work in practice on this new console?

Could be a mixture between dedicated titles, VR and mini-games

Perhaps the first casino games we predict will be seen on the PS5 are titles that simply include casino play in them as a mini-game. You only have to look back to Red Dead Redemption in 2010 for the PS3 or more recently, GTA 5 Online, for an indication of how this would work. The beauty here is that Sony could attract players who enjoy casino gaming and the story on which the proper game is based, in effect doubling their audience.

The other prediction you could fairly confidently make is that Sony may release dedicated titles based on classic casino games. Could Prominence Poker come over from the PS4, for example, or other titles like this be developed to let players enjoy everything from baccarat to blackjack, craps and roulette? Many also predict that real-money gambling might be on its way in the PS5, as Sony look to provide players with the adrenaline-fueled thrill that playing for proper cash delivers.

VR could figure also

VR is also an area where fans expect Sony to make further investments with regard to PS5 gaming. Already, they are the leading console manufacturer in this area, thanks to the success and positive reviews of VR on PS4. Version 2 of their VR system for the PS5 should be even better and support more VR titles currently being developed. Casino games could be the perfect vehicle for this and Sony may release VR titles that take you into a virtual casino for fun.

With all these ways of bringing casino games to their new console, Sony are well equipped to deliver plenty of thrills to players. Of course, in terms of esports, this could also see teams of pro players using the new casino-style games to battle it out. Whatever Sony opt to do, you can be sure that the release of their new PS5 signals exciting times ahead.

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