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Betting on League of Legends – A Piece of Cake or A Challenge?

Some people say that League of Legends is just a simple game. No doubt it is one of the most complex computer games in the world, which has millions of active players per day. At this stage, two main questions come to mind: what makes LoL so special? Is betting on matches any different from other e-sport bets? We’ll try to answer these questions.

General mechanism of the game

E-sport betting is quite a young thing, but it’s gaining popularity very quickly. General betting rule does not change, you bet on the outcome of the match, although there are some specifics. In LoL betting, matches begin with a draft pick and select five players from each team who will be fighting till the end for a victory. Every champion has its own characteristics; this means that no two champions are alike. The main factor influencing the result is how good each champion is on a particular map. Some champions are more effective on some maps, while others are better at other maps.

For example, imagine that one team has Rammus and Blitzcrank in their lineup, two champions who can pull enemies towards themselves. When choosing these two champions, the team’s lineup can be considered as an “offense” one. If you have two or three champions which specialize in front-line clashes and invades, then your team is suitable for such types of matches.

In LoL games you can also see different strategies: aggressive, defensive etc., but what you need to remember, that you bet on the team or player, not on the champion since it is the player who decides on who they will choose this time. The most important thing is how well do players work together as a team. You can have two aggressive teams who will fight against each other, but the one that works better as a team will surely win it even if opponents have better skills.

For example, if you are betting on Team A and they have started with aggressive strategies from the very beginning of a match, you can be sure that they have planned it. It’s like watching a movie, you know, that the heroes will win at the end and how they will do this – it’s just a question of time. If you are betting on team B with defensive strategies which is trying to out farm the opponent, then most likely they are going for a late game attack. If in the beginning of a match you see that the teams are trying to get first blood, then there is no need to wonder who will win it actually, although all this depends on which champion gets killed.

Champions, items, statistics

Betting on League of Legends gets more complicated here since you need to have information on particular teams’ strategies and predict how they are planning to play against each other along with which champions they will choose. There are tens of different champions in the game, and their statistics, attack and defense points. Awareness of that and knowledge can take you one step closer to victory. 

Unfortunately, there is more. During the gameplay, there is a whole shop with items for champions that can be bought for gold from killing monsters. Items’ choice is also a significant part of the strategy. Some of them are situational, and are useless in different circumstances.


While playing against each other, teams choose their own style at the beginning of the match which they are going to use during the game. However, they should be flexible, because game situations might force them to change their approach midgame. For example, if the match is going well and everything has gone according to a plan, but you are running out of gold for items, then your team should not continue with the previous strategy. You need to change it in order to build more powerful champions which would help you win.

Every new LoL player and viewer needs time in order to understand all main and more sophisticated rules of the game. Some of them have been created by community members, not by game developers, so game tutorials will not show them to beginners. People, who want to bet on the game, but they have never played it, are forced to do a lot of research in order to understand what is going on in the match. 

Where can you place your bet on a League of Legend match?

Generally, the easiest way to bet on LoL games is by using sports betting/sportfogadás platforms that provide e-sport betting, for example, LVbet. You can then watch your game directly in the LoL client system, or entering via LoL servers. Most of the games are available officially on the website. There are also streams on different platforms, but it all depends on participating teams. 


Well, if you still have tons of questions, where to bet on League of Legends or how to win at LoL betting, then you need to jump into the game and understand it yourself to know what influences the victory and how to play to win. Note that it might take you quite a long time to master the game and its rules, and even more to get to know the teams in championships.

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