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Best Relaxing Games Online Which Help You Unwind and Chill-Out

Playing games can evoke varying emotions in an individual. In most instances, people think gamers are anti-social kids with no future perspectives. However, according to research, these gamers often have stress-free personalities, and the games help relieve you of stress. Professional psychiatrists associate the stress-free personality to emotions evoked when playing games; for instance, playing a game such as Resident Evil can make a person fear their shadows. On the other hand, games such as Call of Duty or free slots no downloads, may increase your adrenaline levels, and you remain excited throughout the day. However, people need a balance between fear, excitement, suspense or adventure. Let the body and mind relax for a period.

Some of the Games You Play to Help You Relax Include:

  • Abzû
  • Online Jigsaw Puzzles
  • House Flipper
  • Minecraft
  • Superhot: Mind Control Delete
  • Journey


The under ocean adventure proves to be enough incentive to pull an individual from stressful thoughts. You can admire the ancient ruins on the floor of ocean caverns while trying to make your way through the puzzle is challenging, exhilarating and relaxing. Players need to move obstacles to open up or create the pathway. The game does not have time limits, no bonus or rewards for completion, and you get ample oxygen while playing. The game character is in no danger, limiting adrenaline, allowing you to relax.

The game has little to no dialogue limiting distractions and allowing an individual to relax. The soundtrack is smooth, with regular intonations that are soothing. The game also introduces oceanic sounds, further ensuring personal relaxation. After all, “who doesn’t love the sounds of water hitting the ocean cliffs” in a clear starry night? Gamer’s advice using your headphones for the soundtrack and gaming experience. The no-pressure move allows players to set a pace when playing the game. Players can complete challenges and, immediately after, continue to the next stage or adventure.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzles present a problem, and the process of finding a solution can be soothing and therefore relaxing. The mysteries keep an individual’s attention improving on your ability to focus. At the same time, it helps keep your mind busy sorting the random pictures trying to make sense of it all. Your brain unconsciously focuses on the different shapes, helping you put the illustration or image back together. Apart from relaxation, puzzles improve memory retention, creativity levels, coordination between the brain and your hands or mouse and can help in meditation.

“Jigsaw puzzles induce the hormone dopamine that causes confidence, optimism, and better concentration levels in a person”, states one of the Psychologist interviewed. The games are short, and a simple puzzle is easy to complete within 10-15 minutes. Therefore, you can play in between your work sessions, during break or lunch. These make the best relaxing games in the work environment.

House Flipper

Knocking down a wall, manual labour and redesigning the space in your simulator house can be the best therapy for stressful situations. The House Flipper online game provides the player with a chance to up the price of your house through renovations. Each renovation has to produce a profit after selling. However, you have to ensure that your renovated home can sell for a higher value. The game starts with a small amount for your bankroll. You use it to purchase a fixer for the house, a can of paint, a hammer to demolish the walls, some flower pots with beautiful plants for interior designing and much more. Depending on your growth in the game, you receive varying tools for the renovation projects.

The game makes the gameplay and storyline as authentic as possible. Players get virtual emails regarding their properties and other surrounding properties. These mails aim to ensure each player gets a chance to increase the value or price of their renovated houses. The game is not only simple but also straightforward with no straining instructions. You can knock –out the walls and increase the space of the sitting room, join the kitchen to the sitting room with an arch and many more. What more interesting is that “the game is available for different devices with operating systems” such as android, Microsoft, PS and Xbox 1, among others.


The game emphasises the notion of independence and freedom to go anywhere you want. The game spans a wide area of land with varying characteristics, many benefits and a chance to explore and reap the advantages the earth bestows. The aim is to cross and explore the entire world one step at a time. In inspiration from the game, a YouTube celebrity, KurtJMac, produced a film two years ago titled “Far Lands or Bust”, which marks his journeys in a single direction with varying episodes. It is the perfect example that the world is more than a mass of land, and you can spend your freedom and time exploring it.

Players in Minecraft can design and build anything they desire. There are no limitations or guidelines; you get to explore your creativity levels and expand your imaginative characteristics. The game is accessible via different online platforms, but it was initially a Microsoft t windows production. Let the sky be your limit with the Minecraft Game.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Unwind after a long day with the Mind Control Delete online game. The action-based match is perfect for people who love a little adrenaline when tired or relaxing. Plus, you can play in as short as 10 minutes and feel relaxed. Take that lunch break in your office and engage in a mind control delete game before resuming work. Plus, you can do everything in slow motion including smashing, or shooting. All you need to remember is that you need to go through varying mini-levels within the game.

The game design and storyline was an entry into a competition before it turned into a commercial online game. However, the designers changed some aspects and converted the shooter into the present Mind Control Delete. The gameplay includes shooting your way through, and the challenge is the absence of bullets once you deplete your stash. Players need to earn points and bonuses to replenish their bullets or game over.


Playing alone can add to your stress, and that is what Journey, an online game, aids to eliminate. Sometimes, we desire company even if it is not in our home or work environment. A multiplayer game like Journey can help you and your friends or colleagues relax after a stressful day. The gameplay can be fast or slow, depending on the player. The targets cross a vast desert with a cargo, mostly a robed character and head to the mountains.

However, you can either get assistance or hurdles from other players in your Journey. The game provides no form of communication except “body language and grunts” with other players. What an exciting way to communicate while on a dangerous mission, on foot and with no ability to fly to a faraway mountain? Do not mind the storyline. You can enjoy the smooth soundtrack anytime you desire. Plus, the online game is compatible with different platforms.


Relaxing games are perfect for unwinding after a busy day. However, each match must be ideal for an individual. Some prefer smooth and unchallenging games like the Abzu, while others prefer action-oriented with adrenaline-pumping games like the Superhot: mind control delete game. Some people like to play free slots with bonus. Therefore, select only the best relaxing game for you!

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