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Best Path of Exile Melee Builds to try

With the arrival of the ultimate Path of Exile League Expansion “Legion”, there was a mark for the golden age of PoE melee builds. Most melee abilities acquired big to moderate buffs which made them ridiculously suitable for actually any content you’ll prefer to do in Blight as well. The meta shift to melee is fantastic as there are plenty of sturdy melee builds for Blight that any novice or specialist will do fantastic with. In this article we’ll be showcasing the Top Path of Exile Melee Builds that currently stand out from all the other builds as these tend to be the nice and strongest in typical viability, harm and defensiveness.

Lacerate Slayer Beginner-Friendly Build

Lacerate is in a very good state right now as it can achieve one million Shaper DPS on budget gear and it’s pretty versatile for leveling as you can use a Sword or an Axe, both will be great. Overall a very easy skill to use that has enjoyable mechanics and most beginners will pick this one as their best starter skill for Blight. As a beginner, this type of build is great if you’re trying to save some PoE currency for some bigger builds. This build is HC, SC and even SSF viable and you’re guaranteed to have a fun time if you pick this one as it shreds through content.

Bleed Gladiator Double Striker Melee Build

The Bleed Gladiator Double Striker can do all content material in the game with a minimal budget. It points tremendous survivability– evasion, block and blind and also high damage which makes it a great boss killer and a lab farmer melee build. This build is great for farming PoE currency and it allows you to buy PoE goods faster. Bleed makes use of fascinating mechanics and you will additionally one-shot explode massive packs which looks superb and the clear pace is excellent as well due to the explosions. Since it’s a very cheap build, you can probably use it as a starter construct for new leagues and the most exciting aspect about it is that you can swap abilities (double strike/lacerate/reave) to add some diversity.

Heavy Strike Perma Stun Build

A Heavy Strike Stun build path used to be just for the memes, but now it’s a truly viable, robust choice for all content material be it bosses, delves or maps. The goal of this build is that you permanently stun lock the whole thing and slam it till it’s dead. The truth that the whole thing is perma stunned means you’ll not often get hit and have low chances of dying, on top of that the build manages to get 7-8k existence with 2.5m Shaper DPS (don’t neglect that you perma stun Shaper as well). The only things you can’t stunlock in the game are objectives that have stun immunity like Uber Elder, Vaal Temple or Pheonix so that’s simply the solely downside. If you’re searching for something exciting and unique, this is the ideal PoE Blight Melee Build for you to strive out!

Facebreakers Scion Ascendant Unarmed High Budget Build

This build focuses on using the Facebreaker Gloves and Rigwald’s Curse amulet in order to do a lot of unarmed fundamental damage. The build can deal notable amounts of damage, has 5000+ life and you can get both offense and defense up even more with a Loreweave chest piece. A element to be aware is that this construct will now not work except Facebreakers and Rigwald’s Curse (which will each be definitely pricey in the melee meta), alongside with that you’ll also want Loreweave if you desire to address this construct in HC Blight and be safe. As such, you will have to invest at least a few exalts to make this build work on softcore, and a couple more on hardcore. It’s best to buy some exalted orbs for sale if you want to create more builds like this.

Ice Crash Juggernaut High DPS Melee Tank

Ice Crash received a lot of massive buffs that made it a clearly robust melee ability for Path of Exile Blight. This construct is surely tanky: 78% all resistances, 6000 existence and a lot of physical harm mitigation. On pinnacle of that, it additionally manages to attain excessive DPS numbers and you’ll be wonderful enemies most of the time which makes it a very safe, budget starter friendly construct to play for PoE Blight. The build points a particularly fast playstyle for mapping due to the fact you can soar slam into a pack, Ice crash, leap slam into the subsequent pack and repeat. The only drawback is that you won’t be in a position to run elemental replicate maps (which is no longer a massive deal, not many builds can run elemental reflect, specially these on a budget). This melee build is hardcore, softcore and solo self-found viable.

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