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Best Games and Best ISP for Gaming Purposes

The internet has allowed the gaming industry to take a huge leap forward. It makes it possible for players to compete with gamers from all over the globe, giving them access to new challenges and opponents. It also gives them the ability to learn new skills, techniques, and improve their game.

Many people are now creating gaming videos on YouTube, which is an important platform for gamers. The biggest gaming YouTubers have millions of subscribers who eagerly wait for new videos and watch them millions of times. We recommend Spectrum internet for gaming because of the high speed they offer. 

Why do we recommend Spectrum internet for gaming?

Spectrum offers one of the highest internet speeds in the US. You cannot have a smooth gaming experience if your internet speed is not fast. Usually, games complain that they end up with buffering signs on their screens due to internet speed lag and they cannot concentrate on the game. With the Spectrum internet, you get the fastest speed of 940 Mbps that is ideal for a good gaming experience. 

Modern-day games like Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto V require an around-the-clock high-speed internet connection. These games can only give the gamer, consumer, or customer the full or complete utility of playing the game if the user or client unlocks or utilizes the full features of the game. To do that, an internet connection that is fast or strong enough is required.

Let us not forget that internet service providers have a whole mind of their own. They are a very unique bunch of companies that would love to offer the potential customer dreams and near-perfect internet scenarios and packages. However, once the internet connection is established, then these so-called internet service providers tend to let go of their standards after a certain definitive time has passed. In the modern era, we have seen that clients are quite to pick up the phone and launch a complaint with the customer care representative. 

To give you a better understanding of what we meant to say. Let us assume that you are an internet customer of Spectrum Internet and have for a certain time been experiencing a lower quality of internet service, which is not allowing you to fulfill your online gaming desires appropriately. You can contact Spectrum for assistance at any point. 

Best Games that You Can Play

Gaming online has also made it easier for people to play together, even if they live far apart from each

There was once a time when many of us would be coming home from our schools, going straight for our trustworthy desktop computers, and playing some of the greatest games known to mankind. You guessed it. We have, in our list of the most popular video games of all time, listed legendary games like Pacman and Tetris, etc.

Go have a look at some of the most amazing games that have touched the digital screens of our previous, present, and future generations.

Our list, though it is numbered but does not rank these games in any order. The list was made primarily on what crossed the writer’s mind and what made sense.

Listing The Top 10 Most Popular Video Games All Times

Sonic the HedgeHog

Remember that awful Sonic animation that threatened the dreams of our young ones just a few years back? The movie animation of the character, Sonic, could have indeed been made a lot better but still, it does not diminish in any way the overall giant that the franchise is.


Try naming one of the most played games ever. The name that will most definitely cross your mind is Pacman. A game that was so eternal that grandparents in today’s world have spent time playing this game along with their grandchildren. The game was released some 15 years ago and to this day remains one of our most favorite games.

Super Mario Bros

When we recalled the name Super Mario Bros we were most definitely overjoyed with the fact that we still remember this amazing game. Ever eternal and never replaceable. However, we did come across a difficulty when putting its name here on the list because at that very moment. We also remembered the game, Diablo III.

Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers, a game that first came to the spotlight during the initial days of the Nintendo console days. What would we give for those blissful days to come back?

The Legend of Zelda

This is just getting rather quite typical of us because all the games that we have managed to come up with till now have caused huge throwbacks in our heads. The Legend of Zelda is just another one that is just icing on top of the cake.


In all honesty, we believe that the Halo franchise has single-handedly carried the Xbox franchise on its strong and highly addictive shoulders.

Call of Duty

Do we need to explain the sheer pedigree of this game to all of our faithful readers? Well, the thing is that this game has been the pioneer of all future games.

World of Warcraft

Perhaps a game that was generations ahead of its time. World of Warcraft had helped evolve and shape the gaming scenes for the future.


One game that has never seemed to disappoint the masses is Skyrim. One thing that we have to call out the game on is that since Morrowind, the game just has a lot less armor and weaponry on offer.

Grand Theft Auto

Another game that, in all honesty, does not need an introduction. People love this game for variety and graphics. 

Wrapping Up

You need a good internet connection for gaming because if you don’t have high-speed internet. We hope this article has provided you with a few ideas on how to maximize your gaming experience. Now that you’re ready to play, it’s time to decide what kind of broadband connection is right for you. To help, we’ve given all the details of the best ISP Spectrum internet that you can get for a smooth gaming process.  We recommend Spectrum internet for gaming and the best games you can play are also mentioned above. 

Thanks for reading! Let us know what your thoughts are on the article!