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Beginners Should Start Here When Choosing What Casino Games to Play First

Have you never played at an online casino before? Online casinos are not as intimidating as brick-and-mortar casinos because you can play in the comforts of home, wearing comfortable clothes and sipping a cup of coffee. 

However, casino beginners who have just signed up at a multi-vendor online casino offering hundreds and thousands of games and several promotions, tournaments, and bonus offers may find it difficult to choose a game to play.

As a newcomer to the world of online gambling, it’s good to have an idea of which games you should start off with to dip your feet into this exciting world of entertainment. But first thing’s first, before knowing which games to choose, it’s important to choose the right casino. 

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The following is a guide for casino beginners. Let us help you choose a game to play.

Get Started with Slots

Most of the games at online casinos are slots because they are popular, available in several varieties and themes, and easy to play. We suggest playing classic slots first. 

Classic slots are easy to play because they have three reels, one payline, and limited bonus features. However, despite their simplicity, they have hefty payouts. Some classic slots also have progressive jackpots, which progress in value every time players bet on them. 

Later, you can start playing five-reel slots with features like free spins bonus rounds, risk games, multi-level jackpots, and more. Modern slots have innovative and bankroll-boosting game mechanics like Cluster Pays, Bonus Buy, Hold & Win, Megaways, and more. 


Online casinos offer several blackjack games, including Classic Blackjack, Perfect Pairs Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Vegas Strip Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack, and many more.
Blackjack has a low house edge and simple rules. Even a casino beginner can learn how to play blackjack. All online casinos offer blackjack games in the demo mode, and many casinos also have free tutorials for beginners.


Playing roulette is as simple as playing slots, but beginners hesitate to go near the roulette table because the game has plenty of betting options, each with a house edge of its own.
Although learning to play roulette is easy, making a profit from the game is hard. Bets with a high house edge pay more, and those with a low house edge pay less. Also, European Roulette has a lower house edge than American Roulette.
We suggest playing roulette games in the demo mode to understand the game better. Start playing for real money only when you have developed the required expertise and confidence.

Video Poker

Online casinos offer several video poker games, and all these games have standard Five Card Draw rules. Video poker games are excellent for casino beginners because they are easy to play. You do not have to be a poker expert to win at video poker. Also, you do not have to implement any poker strategy.
Basic knowledge of poker hand rankings is all you need to play video poker games. You can learn how to create a strong poker hand easily because there are plenty of free tutorials online to help you.


If you have just signed up at an online casino, here is another game you can try. Baccarat is a simple card game that anybody can learn to play.
The game has only three betting options—Player Bet, Banker Bet, and Tie Bet. In other words, you have to bet on the possibility that the player will win the game, or the banker will win the game, or that the game will result in a tie.
Usually, players bet on the player because you have to pay the house a commission on winning banker bets. Also, the tie bet has a bigger house advantage, which is why you must avoid it.

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